Shopping Mall Security

Shopping mall security has to be the absolute lowest form of law enforcement, if you can call it that. Have you ever seen the mall security “officers” that drive around in one of those three-wheeled, glorified golf carts? I’m pretty damn sure if they try to pull me over driving that thing I’m going to see if I can outrun them to the border. I’ll just pull out into traffic on the main road laughing my ass off as those pencil necked geeks in their motorized tricycle are forced to stop helplessly at their perimeter. They really are usually pencil necked geeks. Either their necks are really skinny, or the mall outfits them with shirts whose collars are so big that they just hover around their necks like the rings of Saturn. Now if I get a ticket from a regular cop for speeding I go to traffic court right? What happens if I get a ticket from mall security? Do I go to the food court?

3 responses to “Shopping Mall Security

  1. I’m surprised they sound so lame. In my town they are pretty bulky looking guys, i wouldn’t like to cross them. They are pretty prevelent too and effective!

  2. run em down with your shopping trolley!

  3. Philbo,That was a classic. very funny stuff.Hows NYC?

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