I’m Dying To Buy This House

In my quest for a new abode with two and a half commodes I’ve been informed that a house in which a horrific multiple murder occurred a year ago will soon be on the market. I believe I could probably get a really good deal on a very good house. I may or may not believe in ghosts, but either way, I’m not worried about being haunted. I didn’t kill them, so why would their ghosts haunt me? And if they do, screw them. For 2400 square feet, central air and a price under $150,000 I can ignore a little demonic wailing. I’ll just get one of those white noise machines. I’m thinking that I could put on a kick ass Halloween party every year. So what if my kids start dressing like the Addams Family? I have yet to visit the house in question, but I assume that all the blood will be cleaned up by now. If not, it’s another bargaining chip for me. Blood red would definitely clash with the curtains I’ve got picked out. If the stains don’t come out I’d have to change my whole decorating scheme. That might be a deal breaker for me.

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  1. OH Phil…the MURDER house…HOW FUN!!! You know, St. Catharines is notorious for 4 things. 1. Porn stores2. It’s the Donut capitol of the world3. We just set the guiness book world record for biggest toga party ever4. We had a notorious serial killing team. him and his wife butchered a number of people…Karla Homolka…maybe rings a bell *she was just released from prison, and theres a movie being released about them…google her.*Anyway, the whole point is, the house that they lived in was a 5 minute walk from my house, and i remember it being the victim of SEVERE graffiti, and vandalism, before they eventaully tore it down. Someone bought the lot for a VERY discounted price and rebuilt.If the murder was THAT bad, buyer beware….the neighbors will regale you with horror stories for months to come! LOL…and dont worry about the ghosts…they add character!

  2. That would turn me right off buying a property – sorry I’m too soft and I do believe in ‘somethings’ (not ghosts perhaps but….). More power to your elbow if you are seriously considering buying the property though!

  3. Yes Princess, I have heard of the Homolka case. How could I not?

  4. She’ll be right mate. Just hang some garlic up around the place, a mirror over the front door, and invite people around for a barbeque. Houses with BBQs aren’t haunted – they just aren’t.

  5. It was a pretty publicized case…although, then they were known as the “bernardo’s”…I knew them…she worked at the vet where we took our dog, and I went to high school with one of the victims! CRAZY….It was SO WIERD to go to school, and have all those reporters skulking around…

  6. We bought a house where the last three sales had been due to the owners divorcing. Of course, that isn’t a disclosure, so we didn’t find out until when we were moved in and met the neighbors. They referred to our house, creatively, as “The Divorce House”. Thereafter, if my husband and I disagreed on a matter, we liked to accuse the house of fermenting dissent.We’ve since moved on to another house. Yes, together. Perhaps we broke the curse.

  7. In my search for a house I’ve come across several where it’s fairly obvious there was a divorce and the party that won the house can’t afford to keep it by themselves. Most of the time, judging from the interior of these houses, I think it was someone’s taste in decorating that caused the divorce.

  8. Perhaps in the house under consideration then, the decorating led to murder. :pI’m thinking nauga walls could drive someone to violence. Ditto variegated shag carpeting. Or faerie lights year-round.

  9. $150,000, what a bargain! And it comes with it’s very own ghosts!Cool, you can ghostbusters! Buy it Phil, think of the potential blogging material!

  10. I just came back from looking at a 2 bedroom condo that is for sale accross the street. It’s a closet! They want 447,000 for it. AHHH! No way. I need to get out of San Diego.

  11. That’s funny Heather. Several years ago I was within 12 hours of moving to San Diego. My car was packed and suddenly I had a feeling that it was a bad move, so I cancelled it. Maybe it was because of the housing prices there.

  12. Princess!!! I can’t believe she said that..fun?! I keep forgetting she loves horror movies.I don’t think I could ever live in a house where murder took place. I would be creaped out every night!!!I’m getting chills just thinking about it. Run away Phil…run away!

  13. HOW funny!!! I think I would be mighty tempted. Does it come with a house warranty AND an exorcism?

  14. I’m reminded of the Eddie Murphy skit where he talks about white people who buy haunted houses and refuse to leave as opposed to a black couple: “Look baby, this house is perfect…picket fence, fireplace, great kitchen *spooky voice screams GEEEET OUUUUT*…too bad we can’t stay”

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