Good Luck and God Bless New Orleans

With Hurricane Katrina bearing down upon New Orleans I noticed through my StatCounter service that my page has gotten a handful of hits this week from web searches rejated to hurricane themes. This is due to a post I had on Aug. 2nd about hurricane names. With so many people’s lives now in peril due to a hurricane I feel badly for having made jokes. How ridiculous is it that people, possibly in danger, go to the internet looking for helpful information and their web search turns up my jokes? Also, how ironic is it that this is Hurricane Katrina and in the 80’s a band called Katrina and the Waves had a hit song “Walking on Sunshine?” I’m guessing that song is not getting a lot of play on New Orleans radio stations.

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  1. I blogged Hurricane names yesterday, too: Similar thought, but I went with a different renaming plan.Personally, I like a good humor coping mechanism. My mother and I laughed our way through her hospice care. It helped.

  2. Phil-Don’t feel too bad. Joking is part of how we cope with stuff. I doubt anyone is going to feel offended. Ahhh on second thought…people seem to get offended so easily nowadays…how about a disclaimer??? lol-N

  3. I agree with Natalia, people are too easily offended.

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  6. I posted and it put my comment on there 3 times! WTF?!

  7. Yeah i have to agree, humor has great healing and coping powers. Whilst this hurricane is being dubbed the worst in American history, the potential deaths it could have caused compared to what it caused is a miracle in itself.

  8. Phil, you can’t feel bad about that! If you do then I gotta feel bad about the guy or girl who was looking for useful breastfeeding tips and found my post where I talk about chasing my old man around the house shooting him with boob milk. Trust me, there’s plenty of silly shit on the net, you can’t be blamed. 🙂Lois Lane

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