A Public Message To A Private Person

When you started sending the anonymous, complimentary e-mails indicating that you liked my blog but wouldn’t comment that was fine. I was flattered. When you visited my fantasy football website and signed up to use our forums as Lonely1, I was again flattered to have such a big fan. Who am I to turn away another reader anywhere? As your writings on the message board there became too personally directed I asked you to stop because the football website is where I write sort of professionally. The e-mails continued, increasing in volume. It began to be a nuisance and I worried about the intensity. I stopped responding with polite thank you’s. Then I stopped responding at all. Now you’ve gone too far. No, I know you haven’t made any threats, but your implication that you intend to find out more about me sounds like a threat and your recent e-mails could be viewed as harassment at the least. This is your warning. If you continue, I will shut down this blog and write elsewhere. I will also leave my football website as well. Your e-mails are collecting in my inbox and can all be forwarded to authorities if need be. You need to stop. Keep in mind that since I wrote about the President and Hillary Clinton the F.B.I. is probably monitoring this blog. I’m sure they’d be glad to respond to your e-mails.

15 responses to “A Public Message To A Private Person

  1. Wow…….a stalker? Shades of Glen Close and a bunny rabbit stew huh? Hope the situation resolves itself, I would miss your blog – even the entries that give me somethin to rant about ***wink***

  2. Oh my G…not a problem I would want to have. Good luck Phil! If you need help kicking his/her ass just let me know!!!

  3. Charming, another damn fruitcake.

  4. I never know if you are serious or joking but I sure hope that if you are serious you let all your nice readers no where your new blog is located because you HAVE to keep writing. YOU HAVE TO (that’s not a threat, just a plea).

  5. that is more than slightly ridiculous…good luck

  6. Oh no, Phil, a stalker. That’s just horrible. There certainly are some wierdos out there … hope your wierdo goes away, as we would hate to lose you and your blog.Take care, Meow

  7. Holy cow! You have a stalker?What makes people do this?LEAVE OUR PHIL ALONE RIGHT NOW!

  8. OH WOW….a blogger stalker. I had a stalker in real life once….scary, and creepy….I had to call the cops on him…you’re doing the right thing by keeping all of the emails.

  9. Ugh!

  10. Scary stuff, eh?-N

  11. sounds creepy, people are getting crazier everyday…be careful..

  12. oh no Phil don’t close that blog.well if you need to just email us with the new one.Hey scary stalker, leave Phil alone. SAVE PHIL everybody. xx

  13. Yes, to all of you that I know and trust I will certainly e-mail you with the location of my new blog address if that is necessary.

  14. What the hell? See what happens when I tune out from blogging for awhile?

  15. Oh my gosh Phil. Are you really a doctor/therapist? If so maybe you can refer him/her to a colleage?Kim S.

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