I Had A Dream…

A few days a ago I had a dream that I shaved off my goatee. Then yesterday someone said to me, “You ought to shave that off. You’d look ten years younger.” Is the universe conspiring to tell me to shave off my goatee? Should I listen to it? Also, some of my long time blog friends might remember a post I did a year ago about vanity plates that was sparked by seeing a plate that said, “Dali Lama.” Yesterday after I was told I should shave off my goatee I walked out of the office and into my parking lot, and what car was parked there? Yup. The Dali Lama car. Is it just me, or are those two coincidences happening that close together weird? Is the universe telling me something? Should I shave off my goatee?

13 responses to “I Had A Dream…

  1. Shave it. Then maybe creepy old ladies will stop accosting you on the street.

  2. I like facial hair. I made Peter keep his. But it’s about what you like, really.-N

  3. i’d have to see a pic to make that call.hint. hint.

  4. You know what…I don’t think I ever even realized that you had one. holy moly.But I like goatees personally.

  5. I think the universe is trying to tell you to BE the Dali Lama.oh. wait.Did I miss something?

  6. YES!!!! Get rid of it. And if you hate it, it will grow back in a few days….

  7. grow a beard

  8. Shave it…. What’s the worst that could happen?

  9. SO…did you do it or what???

  10. i am personally not a fan of facial hair, but like everyone else has said, what matters is what <>you<> want.

  11. It looks like I got about 3 keep its and 3 shave its, and a couple of do what you want, so it’s a tie.

  12. ok fine, shave it. 😉

  13. sarah broke the tie. i say shave it and grow a soul patch.

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