The Terminal

Ok, I don’t really have anything to say. I’ve just been really busy for the past few weeks. I do think about blogging a lot and feel guilty when I don’t. Today I just got back from a week away from home due to work. Remember the Tom Hanks movie ‘The Terminal’? My work took me to a very nice place, but the company set me up in the hotel IN the airport. My balcony overlooked the security lines. I had meetings all week in the same hotel. I awoke to the sound of whining kids out in the terminal. I went to the pool on the top of the hotel which conveniently had a beautiful view of…the runways and in the distance a nuclear power plant. I literally lived in an airport for a week.

4 responses to “The Terminal

  1. what city? ’cause you know, that matters.detroit? consider yourself lucky. denver? you got hosed!

  2. Sarah, it was Orlando.

  3. But…where’s your TATTOO!?!?Really now, Phil.

  4. you call that a very nice place? sad, phil. 😉obviously i was being a smart-ass anyway, but yeah – putting you up at the airport is pretty weird.

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