The Man Crush

I do not have a man crush. Nor have I ever had a man crush. I have twice been the subject of man crushes. For those of you not familiar with the term it’s when one allegedly heterosexual man thinks another is just the bomb, the coolest guy he has ever met and just always wants to hang out with him or be like him, but all in a non-sexual way. I believe I may currently be the subject of a man crush. I always have a man crush on myself of course, but it’s different when you know another guy is blatantly digging your action in a heterosexual way.

Tell me if this sounds like he has a man crush on me: He once sent me a cell phone pic of himself for no apparent reason. I did not reciprocate. Once in a parking lot when it was raining and I was pushing a shopping cart full of beer and food he, without my asking, ran alongside me holding an umbrella over me. He often calls and talks for like a half hour. Once I got up to find he had left me a phone message at 2:45 a.m. No, he wasn’t drunk dialing, but what the hell? He didn’t have anything significant to say either. Another time he actually called and talked to me while he was in bed. Granted, we had just gotten off a work conference call early in the morning, but still it was kind of creepy. Women laying in bed talking to me on the phone: hot! Men, not so much.

7 responses to “The Man Crush

  1. Darlin’, you’re just crushable material *smile*Yep does indeed sound as if he’s gotta thing for ya!

  2. Sunny- Well hello my long lost friend! It’s nice to see you. I hope you’re doing well.

  3. Actually that crush sounds very unmanly. You sure the guy bats for the same team as you?

  4. if i was a dude, i’d totally have a man crush on you, phil.

  5. Bolo here. I have had a heavy man crush on you going on 28 years. Who is this pansy? I will hamstring him.

  6. “Man-crush” = PhilYeah, I can see it. But nobody should be calling anybody at 2:45am…that’s weird.Does he have any other friends?

  7. mancrush.

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