Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Top Ten Lists

I’ve been doing a Top Ten list every Tuesday for over a year. Today I ran out of ideas, until I wondered if people might like to revisit the most popular of my Top Ten lists. Somewhere there’s a book of David Letterman’s Top Ten lists, so I thought if Dave can do it, why can’t I? These are my most popular Top Tens based on the number of comments they elicited. Feel free to add your comments if you missed these the first time!


10. Ten Reasons Dogs are Better Than Cats

9. Ten Dead Famous People I Wish Were Still Alive


8. The Ten Best Holiday Movies Ever

7. The Ten Worst Candies Ever Made

6. Ten Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

5. The Ten Worst Fortune Cookie Messages

4. Ten Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

images (33)

3. The Ten Most Embarrassing Songs on my iPod

 2. My Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves


1. The Ten Funniest TV Shows of My Life

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil


10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Top Ten Lists

  1. Yay! I knew each one of these lists and my favourites were … and still are … #10 and #4. I admit I’m one of those people that find anything with cats or baby goats in it is funny 🙂

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  2. A.PROMPTreply

    A top ten of your top tens? Now that is a blogging genius! Love these, Phil. Candies and Dead People I Wish Were Alive are my favourites!

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  3. nice way to recover from running out of ideas! always a joy to re-read these.

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  4. Thank you for re-running some of these that I had not seen. Looking forward to another list.

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  5. NotAPunkRocker

    100 times the fun! 😀

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  6. Thanks for listing the top ten top ten
    Now I’ll have to read them all again!

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  7. #2 is my favorite. While I get the “pat on the back” from your fellow bloggers, why are there 10 million rules attached to an award. Can’t we just say hey, I think your awesome, pass this award on to someone else you think is awesome, too? As always, Phil, you made me smile 🙂


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