Music Monday: Will Forget Me In Vegas Be Forgotten?

Talent. We all have special talents, but not all talents are publicly appreciated. You may cross stitch like nobody’s business and I may make the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich.  When someone has a special talent that is on display for the world and lifts your spirit when you see or hear it, it somehow seems sadder when that person passes. It’s as if the world has lost something.

When Prince passed away from a drug overdose earlier this year, the world mourned. Last week, Chris Wurzburg, lead singer of the band Forget Me In Vegas, passed away, allegedly of a drug overdose. I know I sometimes try to introduce you to new bands here, but Forget me in Vegas hadn’t even made it to a major recording contract or big national tour.

Four and a half years ago my son’s band had gotten their second gig playing in a local club and they opened for Forget Me In Vegas.  FMIV was a really good local band that I thought might have a chance to “make it big.” My son’s band opened for them several times over the next few years and Chris and his band mates were friendly and encouraging to my son’s band, whom they may have seen as a younger version of them.

About two years ago Chris and Forget Me in Vegas moved to Los Angeles in hopes of “making it big.” Sadly, as is too often the case, a wonderful talent passed before the world got to know him. I hope his band mates continue with their music careers.  Here they are with one of their most popular songs, ironically named High.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

9 responses to “Music Monday: Will Forget Me In Vegas Be Forgotten?

  1. That’s a great track. Such a waste 😦

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  2. That’s a shame. Looks like a pretty young guy. I never heard of them.

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  3. Sad thing. A waste for sure.

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  4. An update close and personal lesson for your son. Drugs ruin everything they touch.

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