Wordless Wednesday!

See how the level of the wine lines up with the horizon? Look at me getting all artsy and sh#t! Follow me on Instagram @thephilfactor for more of the same. Have a great Wednesday!

14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. Nice. I do enjoy your photos of wine & sunsets. It’s literally what life is all about 🍷🌅

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  2. I need a large pour after my Liar-In-Chief post this week. I got one very nasty response and hundreds of thumbs up, but what freaked me out was how many people read it in RUSSIA! Holy cow! Will the NSA be knocking on my door?

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  3. That is an impressively artistic photo! I want to be wherever that place is, with a glass of wine!

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  4. Oh boy. Well, I really appreciate you even reading my blog, so don’t drive yourself bananas by trying to a comment. I don’t want to slip down your favourite Canadian list! 😊

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  5. Great photograph, Phil.

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