The Friday Poll! YOU Decide My Fate

OK, you may not be deciding my fate, but you can help decide the fate of one day of my blog. I typically have different features each day; Music Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and my Saturday flagship post.  I’ve got a new book coming out in the next few months and I’m already working on the sequel. My problem is time. I need more of it. Of all my weekly features, Top Ten Tuesday takes the most time. The posts may seem fun and frivolous, and even when they’re not all that voluminous, they require researching a topic and narrowing a list down to ten things, which  requires me to consider twenty options first.

That being said, at least for the next 6 months or so, I’d like to suspend Top Ten Tuesday. What to put in it’s place? That’s where you come in! Take the poll!

If you have thoughts or suggestions other than what is in the poll please leave a comments. Happy Friday! ~Phil


22 responses to “The Friday Poll! YOU Decide My Fate

  1. You can’t go wrong with guest bloggers…unless of course they suck. But then you can ridicule them! It’s win-win!

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  2. Meghan Tregellis

    I’d guest post for you… just say the word! I might even manage to be funny for you! 😜

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  3. Um, there’s no option for you to bake us all cookies. That’s what I pick.

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  4. Darn books – why, after that initial moment of inspiration, won’t they just be kind and write themselves? Don’t they realize we have adoring fans? I cheated and voted twice as I couldn’t decide between re-runs (as I rarely get to read everything I want the day it posts and appreciate the second chance) and guest posts. Hmm, can you ask your guests to write top ten posts (best of both worlds)?

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  5. Top Ten Tuesdays are my fave
    Don’t put them on a shelf
    If you want to cut something
    I’d go with something else

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  6. Reduce it to top two Tuesday. Still TTT 😛

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