A Quick Poll. Please Help Me Name My Next Book!

The sequel to Time To Lie has been written and edited. I have sent it off to the publisher. I have tentatively titled it The Last Locked Door. I’m wondering if that’s a strong enough title to lure readers in. Many a book, movie or other product have been either successful or done poorly based on the choice of name. I want your opinion on the title The Last Locked Door. Vote in the poll !

Thanks everybody! I really appreciate your help. Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

26 responses to “A Quick Poll. Please Help Me Name My Next Book!

  1. did you include the link to the poll?

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  2. It is intriguing but what kind of book is it? To me, it sounds like a dark mystery/thriller novel.

    If I were clicking through STARZ or HBO and saw that name, I would give it less evaluation time, especially if the tones were dark – because, you know, yet another slasher story. Others might see that as a positive.

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  3. okay, i’ve done it!

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  4. Being a mystery/thriller lover… I’d totally pick that up.

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  5. What about calling it ‘The Final Portal’? Without reading the book it’s quite hard to give it a great title. Maybe your editor / publisher will have some insights…

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  6. I think you need a little more action in your title. How about The Last Door Locked. Or The Last Door Slammed.

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  7. I like the alliteration. Although I read through the comments and like the longer version too (The Last Locked Door at the End of the Universe). Longer titles are having a moment, it seems. Congrats on finishing your edits and sending it off!! Woo-hoo!!

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  8. I think it’s great–I voted Yes, it’s intriguing!

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  9. I like it, BUT for an embarrassingly nerdy reason:

    One of my favorite books in Skyrim (yes, I’m the sort who stops to read the books; this should not surprise you at all) is called The Locked Room and it’s creepy and wonderful (and gives you a point in the lockpicking skill, so grab it if you see it).

    So. I might pick it up wondering if anything about it is at all similar to that story (probably not… and I probably won’t get any better at picking locks in any case) but then I’d be delighted by your storytelling and wit and by the time I realized there wasn’t going to be a hungry vampire I’d be hooked!

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