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Music Monday! The Wrecks

I like this band for two reasons. 1. I legitimately like their music. 2. The guitar player, Westen Weiss, was in a local band that my son’s band used to open for, and once my son played with them because they were missing a bass player. Westen moved on and is now touring nationally. I’ll be paying to see Westen and his mates later this month on The Wrecks tour. Here is their song, Panic Vertigo:

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday: The Wrecks

I love this song. It’s got a very different, fun, frenetic sound. The Wrecks three song debut EP dropped last April and once radio stations heard it, this song started getting airplay. The Wrecks have only been a band for a little over a year, but based on that little three song debut they’ve already opened on a major tour with Nothing But Thieves. Enjoy the song and have a great Monday! ~Phil