The Fountain of Youth

I’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth. We’ll, I didn’t really discover it. Someone else did and told me about it, and now I’m telling you. Well, I’m not telling you NOW. If I told you in the first paragraph you wouldn’t continue reading would you?  We all want to live forever though don’t we? I know I do, as long as I get to keep all my mental and physical faculties intact. Since I can’t imagine myself any other way, I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s going to work out.

I like my teeth. I use them almost every day. They keep my face from caving in, and damn it although it may sound vain,  that’s important to me. So, I’ve always been good about brushing my teeth at least twice a day because I hope to keep my real teeth for as long as I keep all the other parts of my body alive and functioning. According to some real, medical research I’ve been reading, (yeah, when motivated by the desire to live forever I’ll read anything) your teeth, and mine, are important to survival, and not just because they allow us to eat food, which I’m led to believe is also important to survival. Maybe I should re-phrase that, the teeth themselves aren’t all that important to survival, except for the eating part. It’s the care and maintenance of said chompers which leads to a longer lifespan. 

About 5 years ago I did one of those surveys on to see how long I would live, and much to my surprise, how often I flossed my teeth had a significant impact on how long I would live. So, I dedicated myself to flossing at least weekly. Then about two years ago at my annual cleaning the dental hygienist said I needed to floss more because I was getting, get this, “calculus” between my teeth. Oh the horror! Calculus! I was so not a math major in high school. I barely passed trig, so I sure as hell was not ready to deal with Calculus in my 40’s. I will do anything to avoid math, and calculus between my teeth did not sound good. So I re-dedicated myself to my grueling weekly flossing regimen. 

Ok, as brilliantly funny as my blog posts are, this is getting long, so I’ll get to the point. I recently read that flossing your teeth daily will add 3-5 years to your life. To recap, I want to live forever, which means that eventually you’ll all fall off my Facebook friend list, and hopefully you’ll stipulate in your will that your children continue to read my blog. What it also means is that I’m actually flossing my teeth daily. In fact, I thought to myself, if flossing your teeth daily helps you live up to 5 years longer, I’m going to floss twice a day so I can live 10 years longer. That’s right, my plan is to push the upper limits of human longevity as far as possible. Once my gums stop bleeding and my flossing muscles are no longer sore, I’ll up my flossing to three times daily and then maybe four, with the longevity benefit obvious. You do the math. 90 years from now when I’m President and I  open the time capsule at the Smithsonian in D.C. and a copy of this blog post is there I think my point will have been made. 

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  1. Now, when you say that flossing leads to 3 to 5 years of extra life, does that take into account all the time you're utilizing flossing thousands of times? In other words, is it a net gain of 3 to 5 or would it be a good deal less?

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