Best of …

These are the 15 most popular Phil Factor posts by views. Click on each title below to read the post.

  1. Twitter People vs Facebook People
  2. Real Sexting Conversations to Read in Hindi?
  3. Meet the Author: Christopher Moore
  4. The Top Ten Most Painful Things That Have Ever Happened to Me
  5. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: The Interview with Magician James David
  6. Zombie Love Boat
  7. Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons NOT To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  8. The Rolling Stones are Liars: My Class Reunion
  9. Candy Crush Intervention
  10. Interview with Lori Duron: Author of Raising My Rainbow
  11. The Poop at Home People
  12. When I Get That Feeling I Want Textual Healing
  13. If There’s A Problem, Yo I’ll Solve It…with Frozen Yogurt? The 11 Best Frozen Yogurt Shop Names
  14. Sand by Hugh Howey
  15. Kim Kardashian’s Butt and Vacation Boobs

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