Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Best Holiday Specials

Two years ago a network aired “It’s Your 50th Christmas Charlie Brown!” To be sure, the Peanuts Christmas special is a classic here in the States. What I’d like to see someone create is a special with all the Peanuts characters as 50 year olds. How weird would that be? Here are my choices for the Ten Best Holiday Specials of All Time. The Star Wars Holiday Special was mentioned in the comments a few times last year, but didn’t make the Top Ten only because I haven’t seen it. If you’re curious, it is on YouTube.  If you disagree with the list or have other choices please put them in the comments.

10. Rudolph’s Shiny New Year: This piece of crap has been played every year since 1976. I think I accidentally watched it once as a child and vowed to never watch it again. Thus far…mission accomplished. Rudolph should have been made into venison before this was made.


9. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Sure the idea of toast and popcorn sounds great, in theory. This is a good special but pales in comparison to The Peanut’s Halloween and Christmas specials.


8. Frosty the Snowman: The best part of this special is the song. The acting is putrid and the plot is barely plausible. When this is on I’m rooting for a green Christmas.


7. Little Drummer Boy: This is where the list starts to get good. Good song, good plot, great claymation and I think there are some talking animals. Plus, it all takes place in a desert where Frosty would never survive.


6. Santa Clause is Comin’ To Town: Oh man! When I was a kid and the Winter Warlock first appeared I was terrified. I believe the phrase “chillin’ like a villain” was coined for him. Also a young Santa hooks up with a serious hottie of a wife.

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5. The Rugrats Chanukah Special: Technically it was an episode of the series, but all these years later I still remember it for actually explaining the meaning of Hanukkah to me better than any person ever had. It was entertaining and informative, just like The Phil Factor.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Hey, I know you all love this one, but if The Peanuts get on the list twice they don’t get #1. The ice skating scene, the dancing scene, and Snoopy making the animal noises were all great. Lucy still should have punched Charlie Brown for bringing back that wretched tree.

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3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Romance, bromance, career conflict, monsters, The Island of Misfit Toys. This special had it all. Remember how scary it was when Yukon Cornelius rescued Rudolph and his family from Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster?

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2. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Great song and great villian with a story of redemption. Who doesn’t love it when his heart grows and breaks the frame? My favorite scene is when his dog, Max, happily hops on the front of the sleigh expecting a ride.

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1. The Year Without a Santa Clause: This special didn’t need a Santa Claus. If you’ve got the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser in a sing off you win. I just wish one of them had done a mic drop. Hands down the best songs ever in a holiday special of any kind. Here’s the video of both songs. (please pardon the commercial at the start). Enjoy!

Happy Holidays of every kind to everyone! If you disagree with my list please add your suggestions in the comments. If you enjoy #ThePhilFactor please share by hitting the Facebook, Twitter or re-blog sharing buttons below. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

Music Monday! The Killers: Don’t Shoot Me Santa

Happy Monday! ~Phil

Mr. Factor Goes To Washington

Yes, I spent much of this past week in our nations capitol. And I had some thoughts. Some I will document here and others that will never see the light of day.

Two little known facts: that building over my right shoulder is The White House. Most people think The Capitol Building, the one with the big gold dome, is The White House. The White House is where the President lives and works. Talk about a crappy job deal. When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I will only accept the job if I don’t have to live where I work. How bad would that be? You could never get away from work. It would be like being a prisoner at your job. I’m totally going to get a swanky condo in Georgetown and walk to work.

The Capitol Building is where Congress works, but they don’t have to live there thank God. Can you imagine the hideous orgies that would go on if they did? They could all grope each other and then resign.

A naked man, a woman with a torch and a Boy Scout walk into a bar… I walked by and looked at this and thought, what a weird grouping of people. Then when I found out that the statue is actually the Boy Scout Memorial then it all made sense. Obviously the naked man behind the Boy Scout is the scout leader. Since the statue is a memorial, it implies that someone died. Apparently these two people are about to kill the young scout, perhaps to cover up someones indiscretion…

National World War II Memorial. Washington, D.C., USA.

The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war. Each of those rectangular pillars  has the name of a state. My problem is that the states aren’t listed in alphabetical order. They’re just random. When school field trips come here, how is that helping kids learn? And why is the Philippines, a country named after me included? Nothing against the Philippines. Thanks for having our back over there in the Pacific, but they’re not a state. I was also thinking about the state names as I read them. How did they come up with Arkansas? Was there a bunch of people living in Kansas but when it got crowded they decided to move and found their own state? “We’ll just move over here and it will be Ar Kansas!

Look at me, I’m a unicorn! Or I’m wearing the world’s largest dunce cap. Washington D.C.’s tallest structure serves no purpose other than to honor our first President. When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I’m going to outfit this this with a radar and giant laser to shoot down anything that tries to attack Washington. How great would that be, right?

One day I want to sit in that chair. I just have to figure out how to get Abe out of it. A word of advice; they don’t like it when you climb up and sit on Abe’s lap. I know this now. I want that seat because that picture on his right is the view from Abe’s chair. Pretty nice, eh?

If anyone know’s the name of the movie from which I created the title of this post, put it in the comments and if you want I’ll send you a free Kindle copy of any of my books that you might want. Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

A New Review For Time To Lie

Thank you to Jackie Paulson of The Nutty Book Blogger for the great review of my book Time To Lie. You can find the review and the rest of her site HERE. Have a great Friday evening! ~Phil

TBT! My Text Fight With Donald Trump

(12/17/16) Me and the Donald are going to have words. Well, maybe not words. Maybe just text abbreviations and emojis. In 2006, Congress passed the Warning, Alert, and Network Response act which allows every cell phone in the United States to get a text message warning of one of three types: A) Amber alerts when a child is missing and/or presumed kidnapped, B) Alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life. or C) Alerts issued by the President.

Yes, that’s right. The man who once tweeted:


and also tweeted:


Yes, that man will be able to text us all. The man is an artiste, is he not? He has a gift for language and I for one can’t wait to receive texts from him on a daily basis. Here’s how I imagine our first text conversation will go:

(As you read this imagine Donald Trumps voice)

From President Donald Trump: All Americans, there is an imminent danger that I am compelled to warn you about. Please disregard a little known blog called #ThePhilFactor. The content provided there about me is incorrect and Phil is a stupid jerk.

Phil: Hey Donald! What’s up? What’s your beef with me?

From President Donald J. Trump: Of course I knew you’d respond. Ur a self-serving attention whore who will do and say anything to get people to like u.


Phil: Donald, umm…. did you listen to your campaign?

From President Donald J. Trump: Look, u and I both know I can’t deliver on any of the ridiculous things I said during the campaign, but the rest of those losers, the Ma & Pa Kettles of middle America are dumb as rocks. We’d be better off if I put a wall up around them. It would be easy. We could probably trap them all in the Walmart on a Saturday afternoon.

Phil: So now you want to keep the Americans out of America?

From President Donald Trump: Yes. Absolutely. Look what they’ve done to the country. If Americans and immigrants hadn’t ruined this country, we wouldn’t have to make it great again!

Phil: Isn’t your wife an immigrant? She’s from Slovenia right?


From President Donald Trump: Oh u think ur so funny don’t you? U and Saturday Night Live think ur so funny when you mock me. Neither of u are funny or relevant any more.

Phil: Saturday Night Live? The American institution that’s been on TV since 1977 and has mocked every President since Gerald Ford? Not funny?

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

From President Donald Trump: Yes, all comedians who make a mockery of the political process should be banned.

Phil: Did you say comedians or Canadians?

From President Donald Trump: Both. Most comedians are Canadians and they’re both foreigners. We should ban them all from our great country of North America.

Phil: The country of North America?

From President Donald Trump: Yes. Part of making America great again is making it bigger. We should have all of America. North and South America should all be ours so we can be bigger than Russia & China.

Phil: You do realize that this is a group text to the whole country, right?

From President Donald Trump: Shut up Phil. Bloggers. Bloggers too. I’m going to put a wall around all of you. I have to go. Me and Putin have a couples massage at 1:00 😉

Tell me, does that conversation seem far fetched at all? Having the ability to text everyone at once is pretty cool though. I think it would also be great for my blog. I could text all of you to let you know when I post, and after you read you could text me your comments. So from today forward, please leave your cell number in the comments section so I can start compiling a group text for us.

Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

Thank you to my friend Steve McSteveface for including my book in his review of time travel movies and shows!

Steve McSteveface

I’ve always been a huge fan of time travel!

Obviously not in the same way as Professor Stephen Hawking is a fan since I’m not interested in proving that it’s possible I’m interested in watching TV shows and movies about where it is possible.

Movies such as Back To The Future, The Terminator and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure I’ve watched countless times.

The fact that these particular movies were made in the 80s is an added bonus for me.

A more recent movie I watched that involved time travel was About Time.

I LOVED this which is no surprise as it’s from the same team that brought us Four Weddings, Notting Hill and Love Actually and who doesn’t love this movies? Due to that there was never any doubt that this would be an ultimate “feel good flick” but what I didn’t expect was for it to…

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Wordless Wednesday

A naked man, a woman with a torch and a Cub Scout. This is a sculpture in Washington D.C. I have no idea what it means. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil