How I Will Spend My Powerball Winnings

When you see tomorrow that I won the Powerball don’t be jealous. I promise I’ll share. In fact, when I win the Powerball I promise to give money to every single person who shares this blog link on their Facebook page. In addition to that I have a few other goals for the money I’ll be winning tonight.

1. Once I am worth over 500 million dollars I will immediately relax, which I haven’t done in years. I will quite possibly relax to the point that someone will call a medical examiner. The best part of that is that it’s free and after I’m done relaxing I’ll still have 2 billion dollars, which will make me feel very happy.

2. Daylight savings time. It’s stupid, outdated, inconvenient and it’s time for it to end. With 500 million dollars I’m pretty sure there’s a way I could “persuade” enough legislators to take care of this. 

4. Automated asteroid destroying lasers on the moon. Need I say more? 

5. Thanksgiving. We’ve all been doing it wrong for centuries now. Do you think that the pilgrims wanted to eat the dead carcass of the largest, ugliest bird in North America? Of course they didn’t. Remember when telephones were attached to the wall and we could only go as far as the cord allowed? Well once we found a way around that we moved on to cell phones. Guess what? We now have better food than dead turkeys so it’s time to move on. When I have 2 billion dollars we will start eating pizza on Thanksgiving. Now that’s a food worthy of a national holiday. 

6.  A seat on the Supreme Court. Did you know that technically there’s nothing that says you have to be a lawyer or judge to be on the Supreme Court? Powdered wigs and black robes? Seriously how swag would that be? Yeah, I know the modern day judges don’t wear the powdered wigs, but I would. 

7. Avoid the Fiscal Cliff: Hey President Obama, here’s an idea for you: Start a Federal lottery. Federal government keeps half, half to the winner. The ultimate 50/50 drawing. If the government did this on a monthly basis they’d make a fortune. See? Not enough of you wrote me in for President this year. This is just the kind of visionary I am.

How about in the comments section here everyone write one crazy thing they would do in the unlikely event that someone other than me wins the Powerball tonight? Then after you do that, click on the Facebook share button and we’ll get a good long discussion link by shared link amongst all our friends on what we’ll do with our winnings. Also, if I win I’ll buy you each a copy of my book White Picket Prisons, which you can take a look at by clicking the little banner link at the top of this page. 



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  1. You have just written brilliant Powerball lottery bucket list. I couldn't even believe that someone could actually think like this. Great writting. We have a Powerball results page on our website that you might find helpful in the event of a big win. Good Luck!

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