Cell Phone People Part 2

Another form of cell phone people whom I hate are the “Cell Schizos.” That second word is pronounced skit-zoes, as in schizophrenic. Until the cell phone headset was invented the only people who walked around talking to themselves were schizophrenics who were hallucinating. How many times have you found yourself walking along in a store and suddenly someone is walking alongside you, apparently talking to you, so you turn to them and say, “What?” Then they just ignore you and keep walking because they’re having a conversation on their headset. Or you’re walking down the street and you see someone walking along, talking loudly and gesturing wildly? At first you think they’re crazy until you see a tiny headset under their hair. When I become President I’m going to pass a law making it perfectly legal to punch a cell schizo right in the mouth if they annoy you in either of the aforementioned ways.

2 responses to “Cell Phone People Part 2

  1. I so agree! Damn rude ignorant pretentious scumbags!

  2. Assuming you’re kidding about actual violence, I’m with you all the way! So rude!Oh my, there’s Michelle, another blogging buddy. I’ve bookmarked you for both of my sites. Back to real life >>>>>>>>>>>>>>running hehe

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