Touch of Gray

Do you know what I think is a load of crap? When women say that gray hair is attractive or makes a man look distinguished. It makes us look old. If you’re desperately clinging to the last vestiges of your youth you do not want to look distinguished. If gray hair is so great, why do women spend more money on hair dye than they do on make-up? I now have a single gray pubic hair. How distinguished is that ladies? How sexy will it be a few years from now when my scrotum looks like Albert Einstein’s head? Unless you’re Bill Clinton or Anna Nicole’s deceased billionaire husband, I doubt that your gray hair is going to attract very many women, unless they have gray hair themselves, and who would want to date someone like that?

2 responses to “Touch of Gray

  1. I can only speak for me, but honestly there is nothing more hilarious in my book than a guy who has a bad “dye job”. It’s like the “comb over” or the “bad toupee”, it’s pathetic.Gimme a guy with a few grey hairs, over a guy with a ridiculous looking, obvious dye job, any day!

  2. But it can be true! I really like that salt and pepper look. The gun-metal grey. Not bad at all.

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