The Morning After

Well, I survived the first night with The Golden Boys. At least I think I did. It’s all a blur. I could be dead, but I think heaven would look a little less like Gooby’s house. Then again , I suppose that assuming I would go to heaven is a bit presumptious of me. Although I can’t imagine heaven would be any cleaner or more tastefully decorated than Gooby’s house. Gooby’s not gay, (that I know of) but he definitely could score some dudes if he wanted to. The Queer Eye For The Straight Guy guys would have very little to do here. (Incidentally, Thom, the Queer Eye interior decorator is Gooby’s second cousin. Really!) Honestly, I had wanted to commit two misdemeanors at different points yesterday, but Gooby chickened out. Today I am not missing an opportunity whether Gooby’s on board or not. When I pulled up to Gooby’s house at 11:30 a.m. yesterday he was on his porch with a beer in his hand and I don’t think he went without one for the next 15 hours. We’re not alcoholics or anything, but we enjoy a good adult beverage when we get together. Golden Boys Tom and Chuck are not with us. Tom is at Niagara Falls with his family today. I’m sure we’ll see the video on his lap-top later if he doesn’t drop it over the falls. (I’m also sure that right now he’s saying to a female tour guide, “If you want to see the 8th wonder of the world why don’t you give me a call later?”)*. Golden Boy Chuck is also absent. Either he’s on a nuclear submarine under the polar ice cap, or his wife wouldn’t let him come. Interpret that any way you want.

*This line was Gooby’s idea

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  1. You 2 are subtle as sledge hammers! Poor Mrs Chuck!Have a great time!!

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