I meant to write this post about 6 months ago, but I didn’t have a blog at the time. I was perusing the Fall TV schedule when I noticed that the show NUMB3RS is coming back. Last Spring this show was a mid-season replacement. It’s about a detective who enlists the help of his Rainman-like brother to solve crimes with math. Based on that premise, I never watched even a second of the show. I hated math! I chose my career based on the complete lack of math needed. Who in their right mind is going to watch a show about math?!!? What’s next, CSI:Trigonometry? Is there homework at the end of the show? Television should not make my brain hurt. If I wanted to be smarter, I’d study. Solving crimes with math! I’d like to see someone try that crap in real life. Let’s see math-boy stop a hail of gunfire with calculus. Someone at the network must be sleeping with a really hot math teacher in order for this idea to even leave the drawing board. I mean, your brain has to be seriously impaired by sex for anyone to think this was a good idea. The scariest part is that if this type of idea is successful, there will be copycat shows. Before you know it we’ll be watching things like Poetry Party and The Physics Family. The worst part is that the commercials for this show are on in prime-time, and some poor impressionable child exposed to this mayhem will spend the rest of his life thinking that stuff you learn in school is useful in real life.

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  1. Ugh. I’m with you…I HATED math and it hated me. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to wrap my brain around all the formulas. One of my algebra teachers tried to relate it to being like a foreign language…yeah, one I have no desire to learn.PS. To this day I have NEVER had to use any of the stupid formulas we were forced to learn.

  2. Yes…No math….The FUNNIEST show preview I ever saw was one called “Ultimate Craft Death Meatch”……Crafting at it’s finest….I only ever saw the commercial, but I wonder if it even made it past the first couple of shows…..

  3. You are SO gonna’ love the new Gwyneth Paltrow movie “Proof” (based on the play by David Auburn). Hehe.

  4. That is why the computer is my only idiot box. 🙂Lois Lane

  5. I thought Mr. Lane was your other idiot box.

  6. I love Numbers! hate to burst your bubble Dr Phil, but many crime scenes use math…sad but true.

  7. Are you not a psychologist? Then how do you do your lab work or are you not involved with research?

  8. I just do therapy. I hated research in grad school.

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