Quick Phil Fact Number 3

I can also be connected to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb with only one person between us. And yes, when I get done with all the Phil Facts I’ll explain them.

8 responses to “Quick Phil Fact Number 3

  1. I should certainly hope so…you’re driving us crazy by all the teasing. We could use the 25 degrees of seperation and wouldn’t be able to link me to anyone famous I don’t think…hmmmm.

  2. The “Phil”adelphia Eagles hhmmmmm, this ought to be worth waiting for!

  3. This is getting scary. Can you be connected to me?-N

  4. How much longer to we have to wait? I don’t think I can take much more.

  5. you’re a wretched tease you know

  6. Natalia- By the 6 degrees of separation theory we are all connected by 6 people or less. I was in Orlando in May, maybe I saw you somewhere or I talked to someone who knows someone who knows you.

  7. Berly- I have one more really good connection to a famous person to post before I reveal all the connections. I have many more smaller ones too.

  8. What?! Gooby didn’t ruin my fun by saying anything about tight ends??? Amazing!Lois Lane

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