Phil Fact 4

Depending on how you look at it, I can be connected to actor Richard Gere with only one or two people between us.

8 responses to “Phil Fact 4

  1. I just hope there are no gerbils involved!

  2. hehehe . . . gerbilsGrossHow many more facts do we have?I can’t take the suspense Phil!

  3. I only hope they’re females between you!

  4. Damn it Gooby! I was soooo going to say that!Happy weekend Phil!Lois Lane

  5. Ok…now you have to come clean…You’re killing me.

  6. I cant see a post….It disappears when I click your page…..What does it say?

  7. Princess, it says that I can be connected to Richard Gere with only one or two people. Click refresh. That might help. I’m not sure why it’s doing that. Linny, I’m going to come clean on these tomorrow.

  8. Philly…these all better not be because you watch them on TV….LOL

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