The President and Hillary Clinton

It’s happening again. For the second time in less than a year the President is showing up in my area. Why is he doing this? I don’t know. I think he’s stalking me. I’m considering taking out a restraining order. Same thing with Hillary Clinton. Being our state Senator I can see that she has a little more reason to show up here than George Bush does, but damn, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting Hillary Clinton here every other day. Maybe those two are having a secret affair. Wouldn’t that be ironic, don’tcha think? Oh, and as long as I’m talking about the President and Hillary Clinton I’d like to say a big hello to the F.B.I. and anyone from the Homeland Security agency. I know any mention of the President online gets reviewed in the event that I’m from an evil cult or something. It’s kind of cool knowing that because I mentioned the President and Hillary Clinton that people in Washington D.C. are reading this. Yes, F.B.I., I know your I.P. address is the one out of Herndon, Virginia. As long as you’re reading this, leave a comment and tell your friends about the phil factor.

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  1. Way to increase your traffic Phil!!! If I leave this comment you think they might read my blog too? That would be nice a few extra eyes and all. Hehehehehe. Tawnya

  2. Heh, well, as long as the President and his cohorts are reading… *big raspberry sound aimed in the general direction of Washington*Thanks, Phil, that felt good.I should be fairly safe as long as I stay up here in Canada. 🙂

  3. LOL….They’re going to tag your blog. LOL!!!

  4. LOL. I like how you mentioned their names SEVERAL times just to make damn sure it would pop up in a search engine. :0)

  5. Tigger- Hey, for all I know my blog is suddenly the favorite daily read at F.B.I. headquarters. By connecting to my blog you instantly become a suspect as well. I think they may consider all of us as one of those “cells” they’re always talking about.Spider-Girl- If you didn’t vote for our President you can’t rasberry him. That will be a fine of $4000 Canadian dollars which is roughly $1.42 American.Princess- That’s exactly what I’m hoping will happen. I mentioned Dave Coulier a few times and look how many Canadians visit my blog. Linny- You’re onto me. That’s exactly what I was doing.

  6. lolWhat would you do if they actually left you a message?

  7. it will be funny if mrs.c herself comments, that could lead to all kinds of fun don’t ya think?

  8. You mean your NOT the president of an Evil Cult?Then what happend to all the money I sent you????Damn.

  9. Berly- I would love it if the F.B.I. left me a comment. As long as they’re watching me I’d like to get some enjoyment out of it.Doni- Yeah, I’d love to hear from Hilary Clinton. I think she has a thing for me. Why do you think she moved to N.Y.?Tai- Shhhhh! I’m still the President. Don’t worry, you money is being well spent on nefarious schemes. (How cool is that? I never get to use the word nefarious in everyday conversation!)

  10. One of my students told me he is neighbours with Bush back in Texas… ICK…I don’t know that I’d be vry neighbourly.Now if it was the Clintons, I might just invite them over for a brewski.-N

  11. I’m commenting here just so the FBI sees me and maybe will check out my blog too!!!

  12. Natalia- I suspect our political leanings are similar, but I like Hillary Duff more than I do Hillary Clinton.Barbara- You may want to think carefully before you decide you want the F.B.I. linking you with me.

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