The Flotsam and Jetsam of My Mind

This is one of those days where my brain is empty and I’ve nothing coherent to post. I run into one of these every three months or so. I have some ideas for blog posts, but there is no stream of consciousness flow to what I want to say about them. It’s like when you’re counting change while you’re in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru and you discover you have just enough, but then you drop a nickel between the seats and it lands just out of reach of your fingertips as you pull up to the window to pay. Here I am at the window a nickel short.

1. Talk about The Circle of Life. Yesterday on my way to work I saw a squirrel survive a mad dash through 4 lanes of morning rush hour traffic. It was amazing. I have no idea why it would attempt this, but the squirrel literally ran under and through the wheels of speeding cars to reach the other side. A better question is, why did the squirrel cross the road? Then when I got home at the end of the day I saw my neighbors cat carrying a squirrel home in her mouth. One lived and one died. It added a strange synchronicity to my day.

2. I think I may have broken the thumb on my left hand last week. I said I may have broken it. I don’t know since I never went to get an x-ray. It shouldn’t still hurt, but it does. I’m right handed, so it’s not that big a deal.

3. Just humor me here. I would like to meet the lurkers. Could everyone who reads this leave a comment? No hiding this time. I like to read new blogs and if you’re reading mine, then I’m sure I’d enjoy yours.

4. New rule for The Phil Factor: If you mess up the word verification and have to do it again, you have to fess up in your comment. Today only. How’s that for pressure? I’ll do the same when I visit all your blogs.

5. Baby ducks are cute.

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  1. see? that was a great post. when blogger’s block strikes, you just have to keep writing. i think.

  2. Thanks Chloe. I almost pulled it and replaced it with the post I have planned for Friday.

  3. Baby ducks are cute. But have you ever seen a baby platypus? Awwwww.And I have no idea how squirrels gauge when to cross. It always looks like a mad dash at the worst time.I often mess up the word verification. Sometimes the letters look all weird and sometimes my fingers are too quick.There…no shame.-N

  4. Natalia- But you didn’t mess up the word verification today?

  5. Baby ducks are so cute!LOL @ word thingy. I hate how i type the word thingy and it ends up in here instead of the word thingy box, then i have to go do it all over again!!

  6. Baby squirrels are cute too, but that might have been an odd number 5 for the end of that post.Blogger’s block will go away soon enough. Usually it takes one bad day before the words suddenly flow from the keys.

  7. Michelle- I live in a neighborhood with a lot of ducks. This time of year the eggs have hatched and there’s lots of litle baby ducks following their mothers in a line. I love that.Sipwine- I don’t think I have full-fledged writer’s block. Like I said, I have ideas, I just need to get them unstuck. Also, I have plans for several upcoming posts. You’ll see.

  8. Not today…I paid special attention just for you. Derr.-N

  9. Too funny about the Mcd’s drive thru..That happened to me recently with a bonus to add..First my “looney” that is a 1$, coin fell out of my hands..After I picked it up and paid , the ice cream cone that was handed to me fell out of my hands onto my upper thigh..ugh! #2..Phil go get an xray!#3..I feel the same way..There is a lurker from my city and I’m dying to know who it is! #4..So much pressure with word V. No way will I mess up on that

  10. Yes, I’m a lurker, have been for months. 😀

  11. Lurkers beware! Phil is out to get you! Although I have to wonder how Phil possibly makes time to read everyone’s blog, leave comments, respond to comments on his blog and still hold a job.Squirrels have brains smaller than the acorns they stash. Baby ducks <>are<> cute – until they become road kill.

  12. Would you prefer to be lurked or stalked?LOLI love baby ducks!btw…I didn’t mess up my word verification, but I did type my password incorrectly.

  13. I’m convinced that word verification is some bizarre subliminal message to drink more Coke. I mean, the Coke company owns everything, so it’s conceivable that it would buy Blogger just to insert subliminal messages into the word verification system.Maybe not. Baby ducks are cute. Even the babies of the ugly ducks we have down here that look diseased. They don’t get those weird facial cysts until they’re grown.

  14. while i would never wish death upon a squirrel or any other living thing, i must say how i hate them. ew. cheeky little rodents.oh! and it looks like i was on par to mess up the WV, but for some reason i looked at it again before i posted. i’ll cop to it.

  15. I think I have commented before and seen you at my blog but I definitely have lurker tendencies. I don’t comment much on sites I read and, for the rcord, I hate those word verification thingys.

  16. that squirrel was trippin on some over-ripe berries.

  17. p.s. did you ever notice we never see baby seagulls?

  18. Phil, I have days like that all the time. My mind wanders and it’s hard to connect the dots… I’m having one today.Get your finger x-rayed. You will develop arthritis in it otherwise (just after you get all your wrinkles and your eyesight goes…) and it will be very painful.

  19. Oh I see baby seagulls from time to time at the beach. They’re so cute, you forget that their parents are dirty rotten foragers

  20. Squirrels are nothing but rats with fuzzy tail.And they used to scare my cat.

  21. How do you know you have lurkers?Why haven’t you gone to get an x-ray?And I CAUGHT YOU!I knew you had a sensitive side! No one thinks baby ducks are cute unless they have a mushy center.Crap.I know I typed that right.

  22. PhilI think we all get writers block. I’ve always found if I approach my blog with the writers block and write about that (if that makes any sense) I usually come up with a good post. To be honest, your post today was a bit random, but I enjoyed it very much. We all have those days where it’s a little too hard to be profound or try to make a point.…as I seem to be doing with this comment.Hope your thumb feels better!

  23. P.S. To comment on somebody else’s comment…A squirrel is just a rat with a better outfit!

  24. I’ve had to explore the Circle of Life phenom in the context of Kamikaze earthworms around my apartment. I’ve tried to intervene, but playing god is exhausting.Baby ducks are alright.And you’re right – most of the time I lurk – sometimes I’ve had my meds and actually leave a comment… this is one of those nights (giggle) (chug)PS – MAN !!!! no kidding I did mess up the word verification – no fair you jinxed me – you , you … vfdlvl

  25. I read it and here is your comment. AKA Kater Bannix.

  26. Hi Phil,For someone who claimed to have nothing coherent to post, you did an excellent job. Here are some incoherent comments: I live in an area that’s crawling with squirrels, and it’s sickening to see one smashed in the road. I see them dash out in front of cars and wonder why they insist of playing Russian Roulette with 3,000 pounds of steel. I broke my thumb (right one and I’m right-handed) several years ago; had it X-rayed and was told to wear a removable splint for 6 to 8 weeks. After two days of not being able to do anything, I gave up and let nature run its course. It took over a year to heal and it’s still misshapen and throbs when the weather gets cold. I don’t lurk on your blog; I almost always leave a comment. And, I despise the word verification code and if I screw it up, I may or may not tell you! Thanks for your funny post!

  27. Oh EXCUSE ME with the lurkers thing. When I wrote an almost exact request in one of my posts…you’re comment was as follows: Linny, linny, linny. Stop being so insecure. Hmmmm. Need I say it? :o)

  28. hahahah interesting posting you turned nothingness into somthingness…as for word verification screwups I am master of the screwups …I almost screwup every single time..and sometimes twice for same comment.I went to eye doc 2 weeks ago they said no glasses needed yet..but I am far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other so depends on how I squint I guess as to how bad I goes…………..

  29. We have a mother duck and her 9, yes 9, ducklings living along our shoreline at the lake. I, too, thought they were the cutest little things–until they started crapping all over the pier. Now I’m looking forward to hunting season.

  30. Let me add…as i’ve said before, with the sheer number of your comments, I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about.

  31. It is cause he is so darned cute..just look at that pic.LOL

  32. Got to confess this is my second visit to your blog and you got me today, I have to admit I was here. Visiting through the lady Justitia. Great post, I get those often and then for lacking imagination starts to personalise my blog wish I’m not sure if it’s ok or good and things I might’ve rather not tell to strangers?? but then the comments always helps.I looooveee baby rhino’s!….stuffed pw up…can’t believe it happened…what’ve you done to it to trick us all….second go lucky??

  33. Did you want us “non-lurkers” to comment as well?? WV is a necessary evil, I have it on my blog to prevent comment spam. It works well and I figure if people really want to comment, they won’t allow the WV to get in their way 🙂

  34. For some reason my husband thinks just about everything I say is awesomely precious. The other day some birds were making a ruckus in the big tree in our backyard. I said, “Well where are the squirrels? They’re the policemen of the trees.” Policemen of the trees – that really got him.Also, I wasn’t around for that last post either (you know, what with getting my biopsy and whatnot) But I SO get that. The lady at the Texaco that I go to every Wednesday left a few months ago. I STILL miss the Texaco lady.

  35. Another lurker 🙂 And I always have trouble with the word verification on days when I need more caffeine, running on lack of sleep or just frantically trying to leave a quick post in a 5 sec lunchbreak.

  36. ps that time I had no problem with the word verification (I type then I complete the rest) here goes again.. WHOOPS rejected this time *snort*

  37. Hi Heidi- I think the thumb will be Ok. I’ve made a tiny cast out of scotch tape that keeps me from bending it.Sherri- You’re not a complete lurker. You’ve left a few comments before!Sherbears- It’s funny that you mentioned baby ducks becoming road kill. What made me think to write baby ducks are cute is because I had to stop on my street to wait for a mother duck and her string of babies to finish crossing the road.Kim- I think I might prefer stalking where it’s right out in the open and you know someone is watching you.

  38. Jmai- That’s funny. You could be right about the subliminal advertising. If Coke isn’t doing it, they should. Maybe I could sell them subliminal advertising in my word verification.Say Rah! Yes, I agree. Squirells are just rats with a fluffy tail, but I don’t wish them dead. They have furry little families too.Kristine- Yes, you’ve commented before, so you don’t qualify as a lurker. Fell free to break the bonds of your lurker shell and comment all the time!McKay- You’re right. I’ve never seen baby seagulls. I think the squirells ate them.Josie- I’m pretty sure I’m in for arthritis in several joints already. I’ve splinted it with scotch tape. I know that sounds silly, but no one notices and it keeps the painful joint from moving. It’s only my left thumb. If it still hurts in another week I’ll get it checked.

  39. Gosh, when bloggers block hits me, I don’t write … you, well you write heaps.Loved the one about the squirrel … wonder what was so exciting on the other side.I confess to being one of the lurkers lately … I have been popping by to quickly read, but haven’t always had time to comment.Oh yeah, go get that thumb x-rayed … you don’t want it potentially going gangrenous and falling off, now do you !?!?!Hope you are having a great week.Take care, Meow

  40. PS … I got the word verification right … shall I try again ???

  41. Tai- I agree. Squirells aren’t as repulsive as rats, but they’re not ranked much higher.Berly- Saying baby ducks are cute does not mean I have a sensitive side. I was just stating a fact. No one as sarcastic as I am could be sensitive.G-Man- I guess there’s no poll needed on this one. Everyone hates rats. Thanks for the encouragement. I always keep writing through writers block. It’s like driving at night without headlights. Eventually you’ll hit something.Amy- LOL! How do you play god with kamikaze earthworms? Yes, you do have lurker tendencies. I’m glad you commented today. Thank you.

  42. Phil, I think I’m a nickel short just about every day. Somehow, though, I manage to muddle through.

  43. Erin- Yes, you definitely are a lurker. Now go update your blog.Miss Litzi- No, I know you’re not a lurker. You always leave great comments, like today especially. Although you complimented my post I appreciate it, but I still am not thrilled with it.Linny- I think you’re taking my comment out of context. I’m not insecure. Who said I’m insecure? You don’t think I’m insecure do you. Please say no.Quinn- Thank you.Bob- I hate the duck crap on the golf courses, but so far they’ve kept it out of my yard, so I’ve got no problem with them.Hannelie- Welcome to The Phil Factor. It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for commenting. Pretty much any baby animal is cute, but I think ducks are as good as puppies. I don’t see too many baby rhinos roaming my neighborhood.dzeni- Yes, of course I wanted my non-lurking friends to comment if you felt compelled. Thank you : )

  44. Geewits- That’s just the way it should be. It’s sweet that your hubby loves everything you say. You’re both very lucky.Clueless- I don’t think of you as a lurker. You’ve commented before. I love the picture of your eye. It’s hard not to forget that.Meow- I do the same. I may read your blog quick without a comment if I’m in a hurry. Gary- I agree. I just keep writing when I’m stuck and sometimes I get lucky and find something.

  45. LOL, I hope not unless you are a zoo keeper of some kind?, wild man living in a jungle?Nice to meet you too, I enjoyed your blog so far and you are now bookmarked!What a great response to your post.

  46. Well, I’d stay longer and leave a more leanghty comment (which would be sooo out of character for me dontcha know) but I’m afraid I don’t like crowds and at 45… this counds as crowded. Hope your thumb is better, and stop by, I start a new meme on Saturday.

  47. Hi Jessica- I’m on my way!

  48. I think I’m a lurker, but I have posted on here before. I just want to say that your hand injury is mostly likely an overuse injury and if you rest it, it should be fine. I suppose you could ask “how the hell would YOU know?… LURKER! Well, I just do. I think the bigger question is what the heck you were doing with your hands so much to cause injury??p.s. I remember when word verifications were actually WORDS.

  49. Occasionally posting, mostly lurking, yet enjoying your posts. Thanks.

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