A Quick Announcement

Three things. 1) Since I have so many stories about The Golden Boys I will be posting daily from now until next Friday. B)For the few of you who think that these are just re-runs, I am updating each post in some way, either with a picture or new words. Don’t think of them as re-runs, consider them new and improved! 3) Yes, before any of you puts it in a comment, I know that our nickname “The Golden Boys” sounds like the title of a gay porn movie. D)There’s a brand new post beneath this, go read it before it melts.

7 responses to “A Quick Announcement

  1. first run for me ..i’m having fun reading..keep them coming…

  2. wasnt going to mention the gay porn thing……really wasnt……..

  3. Hey! Thanks for the visit- I’m sooo glad that you asked about videos. Especially since I’ve gotten endless shite for having “enough videos to crash my killer laptop”- according to PBGHGUY- Just go to http://www.videocodezone.com/, find the song/ video that you want & copy and paste the tag. Enjoy! ~ Fab : )Warning- Usually (or with my luck) the song that would be PERFECT for your particular post doesn’t work- so you have to make do. Fortunately THIS time it did! Hurrah!

  4. Fab- But what if I want to post my own video?

  5. Phil, I enjoy reading about you and your friends. My hubby is like you guys, check my Friendship post out in June, they’ve been friends since High school, it’s lovely. Will keep reading about all the mischief.Whow, so glad to see you and Fab are talking videos, wanted to do some lately and was wondering how. As they say…two flies with one swap….or something like that!.Cheerio

  6. Hmmm… I think you have to take “that sort of thing” up w/ the FCC. Hahahahaa. Seriously, I’m sure there’s a way, but I’m not tech savvy enough to know it! ; )~Fab

  7. I love the re writes , and the walk down memory lane as well , the snow sculpture is a riot . The grown up pic is really great , gotta love a sharp dressed man :} I bet you had a flock of ladies following you and thought you were the cats meow at that time ,certainly all turned out handsome ,thanks for sharing :}G

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