Send In The Clowns

I’d like to address a very serious subject. A malady if you will, that afflicts thousands, maybe millions, of people each and every day. It is a subject of such horror, such an abomination, that those who suffer from this disorder hide it, even from their loved ones. I am, of course, speaking of Coulrophobia. No, Coulrophobia is not the fear of Dave Coulier. If it were, that would be my problem. Coulrophobia is “the irrational and persistent fear of clowns.” Yes, it is so prevalent it has been given a scientific name by psychologists. Apparently this is a very serious subject because there are hundreds of websites dedicated to discussing and curing this fear. I don’t get it!!!! What the hell is so scary about a guy in makeup, big pants, and floppy red shoes? You know what they say, big feet big… I suppose that’s why they have to wear the big pants. Do you Coulrophobes think that the squirting flower they wear is symbolic of what’s going on in the big pants perhaps? Is it the swollen red nose that suggests alcoholism? C’mon, we all have a lovable, old drunk somewhere in our family tree! And yes, I intentionally put that big clown picture at the top of the article just to freak out the clown-o-phobes. Aside from John Wayne Gacy, can anyone else name a clown that has ever done anyone any harm? (No, Michael Jackson doesn’t count!) If you weren’t creeped out by clowns before, I’ll bet you are now, but in a different way. Enjoy the circus this year everyone!

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  1. Yeah, that clown Stephen King created….IT!I am scared shitless of clowns and don’r find them funny at all.

  2. As you can tell from my prefacing post, I’m not in a good mood at all and I’m taking it out on bloggers by re-posting the clown post. I’m sorry for my malice.

  3. Did you already write a post about this??? Oh…i see. Ya, you did. I wanted to make sure I wasnt going crazy.Why the bad mood?

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  5. Ugh, thanks a lot for the picture;)Michelle is right, part of it is from “It.” What scares me is that their features are so overexaggerated and fake.It’s like, underneath that HUGE smile it would be anything and it’s creepy.

  6. phil, it’s okay to let your blogging buds see your bad mood posts. you know you’ve already got us wrapped around your lil pinky, so don’t be afraid to be real on a bad day.hey, it’s friday. have a gin and tonic with me, dude.mck.

  7. I don’t care one way or another about clowns, but I found out a couple of years ago that my mother is very afraid of them. We were in Seattle during Seafair and we saw a bunch of clowns as we were checking into our hotel. That was when she fessed up, but she didn’t really give a reason why. Later that night, we decided to have a drink in the bar in the basement of our hotel. It was underground and very dark and dingy. It reeked of stale cigarette smoke. Just after we were served our drinks, between 30 and 40 clowns started filing in 2-3 at a time. It was so bizarre, almost surreal. All these clowns drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes and swearing and carrying on. And my mom staring with wide-eyed terror across the room the entire time.I should really post about that myself…

  8. Okay, Phil, ‘fess up. That’s really a picture of you, isn’t it? In your bad mood? Sort of like the picture of Dorian Gray? You have a picture of yourself in a crappy mood, hidden away, and you hauled it out to post. You thought you would scare us.It worked….I hope you’re feeling better soon. No one should be in a bad mood on the weekend.Josie

  9. cheer up, precious lamb. *smooch*hee hee. my wv is litefoc.litefoc.hee hee.

  10. OMG Carly Ann!! I’d have peeed myself! I remember a Seinfeld episode too….LOL, that clown one, i think Elaine was dating him!

  11. Princess- Yes, this is a repeat post, but I was in a bad mood, so I toook it out on the clown-o-phobes.SF- that McDonald’s story is funny. It sounds like a scene from a movie.notcarrie- That was the best creepy clown picture I could find.mckay- A gin and tonic sounds good. Pour one for me!

  12. Carly-Ann- Now that is a funny clown story. I love it.Josie- I think if I was/am in a lousy mood it would be fun to go around scaring people as a clown. That might cheer me up.CC- Thanks, your comment cheered me up already.Michelle- I think you’re right about the Seinfeld episode. You’re not thinking of the one where she was dating The Wiz are you?

  13. i dont think it is the clown part of it itself that freaks me outi think it is more that a man is wearing full face makeup that freaks me outeither way – i hate clowns…although i DO like trapeze artists…..

  14. Damn I hate clowns- those creepy bastards! I don’t have to be suffering from some irrational disorder to hate them, either. Think of how sick the freak has to be to actually want to dress up like one of those frightening psychopaths!! Did I mention that I despise clowns?Fab : )

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