It’s A Hands Free World

The new Lexus LS commercial where the car parallel parks itself got me to thinking about how lazy the human race has become. Over the last 20 years many simple, almost effortless daily tasks have been taken over by technology. Television remote controls mean we don’t even have to put down the Cheetos to make the long trek across the room to change the channel. Our cars apparently can look up directions, parallel park, and tell us if they’re having mechanical difficulties by sending us an e-mail. Because the process of reaching into our freezer to get ice was so labor intensive we now have refrigerators that pour ice right out of the front of the door. In fact the other day I saw a refrigerator that has a television built right into the door. I have satellite radio in my car. It came with a remote control in case it’s too difficult for me to reach all the way over to the radio to change the station. Goober Grape? Peanut butter and jelly in one jar means I don’t have to open 2 whole jars to make a sandwich. The time I save on that alone has probably added years of pleasurable activity to my life.

You know how over the course of evolution species often gradually change shape and size to meet the changing needs in their environment? I imagine that if technology continues to take over menial day to day tasks for us we’ll eventually have no use for our arms and legs, making us into an entire planet full of slug-like Jabba The Hut creatures. In fact, I’ve heard of women who often try to use technology to replace men entirely. That is why only men should be taught math and sciences. No good can come of this.

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  1. I feel bad that I want that Lexus now.

  2. Shut up and get me more batteries.

  3. This is why you’re ridiculous.1. What about the rest of your spooky story post???? Or are you going to wait until next year? *rolling my eyes seems appropriate here*2. I like goober grape. Not often, but maybe as a treat every couple of years. It doesnt mean im lazy…it means I like junk food.

  4. Wanderlust- Welcome to The Phil Factor! Thanks for joining the fun!Dayngr- Somehow I knew you’d say that.Princess- If you want the conclusion to the spooky story then I shall write one just for you.

  5. I was having a similar conversation with the kid the other day!I remember when we got our first microwave. Big huge clunky thing. My folks wouldn’t let us touch it because they were afraid we’d inadvertantly nuke ourselves!I actually have our families first Betamax. We got it when I was 12. Looking at it and today’s tiny compact DVD players—it’s amazing how far technology has come even within one generation!

  6. I’m lazy. There’s not getting around that. I am. But I don’t save time on being lazy. Quite the opposite, actaully. I seem to waste a lot of time being lazy. I need a remote control that can write my termpapers, get me ready for my classes, clean my house and cook my meals. That would make me happy.

  7. A car that parallel parks itself? Damn, I want that, ’cause me? I’m the orignal bad female parker. That cliché started with me… *le sigh*

  8. Don’t feel bad, Jazz. I can’t even drive. Parking? Forgettaboutit.

  9. I thought we were lazy when cruise control became popular. This is now – officially – out of hand! THank goodness I’m an excellent parallel parker!

  10. How will we push the buttons on the remote if evolution removes oour limbs and fingers? Damn, yoou got me worried now.

  11. That car that parks itself..I saw the commercial, that is so cool..especially for those hard to squeeze in places….

  12. i need to see this lexus in action. i think i would be fully freaked out by a car that i wasn’t in control of.i, too, can parallel park on my own just fine.[good thing ’cause i’ll never afford a lexus!]

  13. However, we will all have very well-developed index fingers.

  14. i had the exact same though when i saw that lexus adof course, i can parallel park to both the right AND the left (hey, i grew up in a town w/ a lot of one way streets)btw – i beat Attila – i was 7 when my dad got the beta maxi actually had a similar conversation the other day w/ my students (mind you, i am only 29) but they were calling me old so i called them lazy…. it was actually a pretty cool conversaton considering it started w/ them insluting me

  15. and don’t you DARE knock my battery usageit’s a better option than any of the guys i have met in the last couple of YEARS

  16. Can you blame us? I mean seriously.

  17. Gaaahhhhh damn your word verification! It just cost me my comment! Luckily it was short so I remember it and can repost it verbatim. To wit:Wow, you sure must eat a lot of PB&J sammiches!

  18. I saw that commercial… I was totally freaked out it reminded me of Knight Rider where the car talks and drives all by it self along with the bad acting… MAKE IT STOP!!!! Tawnya

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