6 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Jmai and I promised I’d do it, so here it is. 6 weird things about me. Thanks for tagging me Jmai. It’s nice to be thought of.

1. I have never eaten a pickle and unless I’m offered an exorbitant amout of money I never will. I would be a great contestant on Survivor or Fear Factor as long as they didn’t find out about my pickle problem. I’d eat goat intestines long before I’d consider a pickle. I also feel the same way about mustard.

2. Within the next week I will write a post about my left thumb.

3. I once spent several hours handcuffed to a penguin.

4. The older I get the less I think I know.

5. I can still do a perfect cartwheel and if no one is looking I ocasionally do one in the hallway at work.

6. I pride myself on the fact that as far as I know, I’ve still never heard a Hootie and the Blowfish song.

15 responses to “6 Weird Things About Me

  1. The Grinch has not stole my blogging…I’m just super busy.

  2. Lindsey- You also seem super sensitive, even a bit grinchy perhaps.

  3. Phil, is this one of those posts where we’re supposed to guess which are true and which are false? NEVER eaten a pickle? Hancuffed to a penguin?? I don’t know about you!Happy Christmas and thanks for playing along with me!

  4. Ummm I’m with Jmai. Cause really, was it a mad penguin and you had to be handcuffed to it to baker act it????-N

  5. A penguin?Hancuffed to a penguin??Oddly, I find your pickle problem even stranger!

  6. I feel that way about onions.I never learned to do a cartwheel.

  7. Handcuffed to a penguin eh?

  8. Ok, I get it. The penguin inquired if that was a pickle in your pocket or were you just glad to seehim/her, while he/she slapped the cuffs on you initiating a strange, even for you, sexual ritual that involved spraining your thumb, which will require furthure explanation, while you and the penguin cartwheeled down the hallway at work. And that was Hootie and Blowfish serenading you both in the background. Weird? Not at all.

  9. bobciz..!!!OMG I love that comment…^5…and Phil, enquiring minds want to know.

  10. i’m with you on pickles and mustard. gross.

  11. your willpower exceeds my wildest imagination.

  12. As an aside, there was alcohol involved in the penguin incident. And if anyone read the comment above this, Slurp Deluxe is a band that will soon be profiled here.

  13. Jmai- I thought of making this one of those guess which are true/false things, but sadly all are true. I may have left out some details to protect the innocent.Natalia- What does “to baker act it” mean?Tai- No, the penguin thing is definitely stranger.Princess- Never did a vartwheel? Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re Canadian.Jazz- Yup.bobciz- Surprisingly, you’ve hit the nail on the head.aNON- aS i SAID ABOVE THIS, ALCOHOL WAS INVOLVED. (AND i ACCIDENTLY HIT THE CAPS LOCK WHILE TYPING THIS)Say Rah! You’re a very smart girl.

  14. “I have never eaten a pickle and unless I’m offered an exorbitant amout of money I never will.”Not even it’s a Dill pickle potato chip?..lol We have those in Canada.

  15. Philly – No no…a vartwhell, I learned to do when I was like 3…its a cartwheel I never mastered…

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