Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Ok, it’s official. I’m tired of hearing about how the Space Shuttle has a nick in it and everyone’s concerned that it will explode upon re-entry. Yes, of course I’m concerned for the safety of the astronauts up there, but…the stress on them and everyone else could be prevented.

Let’s say you have a car that you drive to and from work every day. If there was a chance that every time a little stone nicked it on your way to work your car might explode on your way home, wouldn’t you get a new car? Also, if the outside of your car was made of some material that was injured by foam or ice, wouldn’t you decide to have your next car made of a much more sturdy material?

The bottom line is that NASA needs to make some new shuttles. Then again, why the hell do we even need to be in outerspace? What can we possibly learn up there that is of use here? Sure, it’s kind of cool to go to the moon and the space station, but really, can anyone think of anything that is useful in our daily lives that has resulted from a trip to outerspace? Essentialy NASA is a bunch of guys who like cool gadgets and are probably sitting around their offices saying, “Man, can you believe the goverment keeps giving us money? Sure, we brought back some cool rocks and pictures, but I do that every time I go to the beach too. I can’t believe they didn’t shut us down years ago!”

9 responses to “Keep Your Feet on the Ground

  1. Isn’t NASA the reason we have Velcro and Tang? Surely they’re worth gazillions of dollars…

  2. I like watching them. But I am not sure I fully believe in what they do.

  3. i think i might agree with you phil. what <>is<> the point?the tang and velcro comment was pretty funny though… 🙂

  4. Ok, so velcro is good, but I think we would have come up with that anyway without going to the moon.

  5. You did post again!! Holy moly.What’s gotten into you? Are you feeling ill? :o)I’m just playing….promise. Glad you’re writing again.

  6. Boooo! I think space travel is very important. And it’s “outer space.” Two words. C’mon Phil, space travel is cool!

  7. Geewits- LOL on the spelling correct. I still think it could be one. It’s not important enough to be two words.

  8. Geewits- LOL on the spelling correct. I still think it could be one. It’s not important enough to be two words.

  9. Velcro.But of course that’s not much to show for all those years of space travel with your tax dollars.

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