Mental Dental Hygiene

Ok, because of my new job I had to spend the last two weeks of August staying in a hotel in Richmond, VA with a roommate. I lucked out. My roommate was a very nice guy. In fact, he was a great roommate. No bad habits except for snoring, but he couldn’t control that. In fact he was a very neat, clean person. Not a slob at all even though we were living in a hotel room. After a couple days sharing a room with this guy I notice that a box of dental floss has fallen on the floor behind the toilet. It’s not my dental floss, but I’m not sure if it’s his, so I leave it there for him and the housekeeping staff to sort out. Also, who wants to touch something that’s on the floor behind the toilet in a hotel?

A day passes and the floss is still laying there behind the toilet. Another day, still there. Another day and another day and still no one has picked up the dental floss. Don’t worry, I’m not tempted to either. Finally after about five days I see that my roommate has picked up the dental floss and placed it among his other toiletries on the sink where it remained for the rest of our two weeks. Am I wrong, or is it completely disgusting to use floss from a box that has laid on the floor behind a toilet for several days? You might as well dip your floss in the urine filled toilet and use it as far as I’m concerned. Who here would have used it?

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  1. That is kind of gross. But if the lid was closed then the floss was intact…and away from icky bacteria correct?

  2. No. Lid was open as it laid on the floor.

  3. ewwu. what’s real odd is that housekeeping didn’t pick it up. ,,,but studies have shown that most toilet areas are cleaner than our kitchens, so it may not be as gross as it sounds.p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. it made me smile to see you there.mck.

  4. yuck-o.i may have picked it up and chucked it, due to my compulsive personality, but i would never – ever – have used it.

  5. Why drag little bits of floss through your mouth at all? Isn’t brushing enough?

  6. Ok, why not just pick it up and throw it out??? And, really though…what exactly does that say for the housekeeping service? Uh…Phil? Didja check for bedbugs???I read somewhere they are becoming quite populous again.Any little itchy spots onya?

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