I’m Alive!!!

Hey folks. My flight from home to Charlotte turned out to be the best flight I’ve ever had. There were first class openings, and I considered paying for the openings, but decided not to. They left the row for the exit door empty and as the flight took off the stewardess..errr…flight attendant asked me to sit in it and read the instructions for opening the door. I had and entire row to myself! It was better than first class. It was like having a king sized bed to myself. I reclined and stretched out. Put my stuff on the seats on either side of me. I was totally livin large. I didn’t blog later because there was no wifi I could get in Charlotte and then when I got here in Cancun there is a ridiculously high charge for use of the internet. Also, Blogger is in Espanol here! Fortunately I know blogger well enough that I don’t need to understand the tabs. For those of you that worried about my well being after the last post, thank you. I have another story about my roommate after I got here, but I’ll blog that later. I’ve got to go to breakfast.

5 responses to “I’m Alive!!!

  1. cancun? dang, what kind of job did you get? don’t drink the water ….and no ice in your drinks. stick with beer.(and yes, you are much better looking than the mystery celeb, but you still need to give it a good guess)mck.

  2. McKay, you always make me laugh, but I still don’t know who the mystery celeb is.

  3. two people guessed it. drew carey

  4. Yes for being alive and all.-N

  5. Stretching out on an airplane? Phil, that’s the stuff dreams are made of….

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