More Desert Island

Yeah, I know this is a cop out, but who doesn’t love to play desert island? Ok, here’s the next one: Rest of your life you’re stuck on a desert island with your favorite beverage and one movie. What movie do you choose and why? You can only pick one. No say, ‘yeah, but I also considered this.” Pick one without any qualifications.

I go with The Princess Bride. It’s completely silly and funny and has a lot of those lines that are funny no matter how many times you hear them or how many times you and your friends do them back and forth with each other. If I’m stuck on a desert island I want to be able to laugh on a regular basis. Of course I’d be seriously pissed if my DVD player broke and I couldn’t watch my one movie.

12 responses to “More Desert Island

  1. I’ll go with Wayne’s World, for similar reasons to your own. It’s not my favourite movie, but it’s one that always makes me laugh like I did the first time I saw it aged 12.

  2. princess bride is a classic. anytime someone says, “…and i mean it.” in my head i reply, “anyone got a peanut?”my desert island movie? hmmm. i may have to give this some serious thought today. i have contenders that must be narrowed down.

  3. Monty Python’s Holy Grail does it for me!Maybe by the time I’m rescued I’ll have it ALL memorized.“NEE, NEE!!”

  4. Jock- Yeah, Wayne’s World is a great choice as well. I can’t argue with that.McKay- Still waiting for your final choice.Tai- I can’t argue with Monty Python either. Funny how everyone is going with comedies isn’t it?

  5. I’m not much of a movie fan…Can I take a book instead of a movie?

  6. You’ve got to pick a movie this time. Maybe a book later

  7. hmm, well. holy grail was a top contender. as roman holiday. i could’ve picked the thomas crown affair, but i have to go where my heart leads.young frankenstein.

  8. no. wait. i take that back and replace it with much pressure…

  9. office space![am i the only person in the world who <>hates<> PB?!]

  10. I’m also a fan of “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” :o)

  11. Sarah, How can you HATE Princess Bride? It’s INCONCEIVABLE! (“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”)Anyway, I went by: What movie brings me pleasure and makes me want to watch it whenever it is on as well as play the DVD? The battle between a handful of movies ensued and then my brain exploded. I hope I NEVER have to make this decision.

  12. I’d go with a good old Aussie move … The Castle … check it out, it’s hilarious.G’day Phil, how’re you doing ??Sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past few months.Take care, Meow

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