Things To Do Before I Die

1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
2. Become a published author.
3. Learn to ride a unicycle.
4. Go sky diving.

What’s on your list?

8 responses to “Things To Do Before I Die

  1. There’s a man here that rides his unicycle everywhere. He gets in my way and holds up traffic.

  2. Lindsey, So what’s on your to do list before you run out of time?

  3. omg, my brother <>had<> to have a unicycle a few years back. not one to give up, he shocked me by ditching the bastard. i believe it’s much harder than it looks.

  4. – Live in London for some months– Write a novel (published or not)– Saying YES to ‘the one’Not necessarily in this order 🙂Found your blog some time ago and really enjoy reading it!

  5. -take a donkey ride down the grand canyon and camp.-see the aurora borealis.-go back to italy -meet my mark darcy-travel to scotland and ireland-photocopy my bottom on a copy machine (kidding)-learn to paint-write a play-live on a horse property and own a horse

  6. Hi Phil, New to your blog. Found it while searching for the “sexiest man alive”!My list in no particular order is, 1. Sky dive (I am horrified of heights but need to do this)2. Take a road trip across the U.S. WITHOUT a time limit.3. Work through any regrets on past choices made.4. Kiss the Blarney Stone or a Rolling Stone….5. Get a tattoo.Keep up the great blog.

  7. I’ve done two out of your four. My list: 1. hang glide2. headline at the Blue Note3. dance in Spain4. float between earth & moon (in a spaceship, of course. I ain’t crazy)

  8. I already speak Spanish fluently. I have no interest in unicycles or skydiving. And I am published. I just want to publish a book. I have to go do my list now. Thanks for adding a new task to my list. You suck.-N

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