Tattoo Me?

I’m thinking of getting my second tattoo. Any suggestions? Do you think I could get away with a tramp stamp? A neck tattoo maybe? How about a contest where whoever has left me the most comments gets their name tattoed on my neck? Any suggestions will be considered and I’ll let you know what I decide and if possible, put up a pic here.

13 responses to “Tattoo Me?

  1. So if I leave you 30 comments in a row, I get “Tai” tattooed on your neck?Don’t tempt me, Phil.I have a few myself, and it’s always hard to decide what and where.

  2. Tai isn’t a bad name. I could see that on my neck. Hmmmm…so far you’re in the lead.

  3. I Dont WANT my name tattooed on your neck thanks. LOL!!! Thats stalker talk. hahaha

  4. Ok Princess, you’re loss. I was really hoping you’d be the winner. So far it’s me though since I’m responding to everyone.

  5. I think you should get Princess Tai tattooed there.It’d be PERFECT!

  6. i saw this chick with (C) 1976 tattooed on her shoulder [i presume she was born in ’76]. while it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing tattoo i’ve ever seen, i did have to give her credit for originality.conversely, i saw a guy with a dotted line around his next and the words “cut here”. don’t do that.

  7. oh yeah, re: Johan? i’m not too worked up about it.1 – no one honestly thought we could keep him2 – he’s not with the <>other<> NY3 – he’s not with Boston4 – he’s out of the AL

  8. Tai- With all these comments you’re in the running.Sarah- The dotted line is hysterical. That’s the one I’d be most tempted to do. So what are you going to do with the Johan you had tattooed on your neck?

  9. This is hilarious. What’s your first tattoo?

  10. what do you mean, <>do<>? i’m planning a move to NY. do you have a spare bedroom?

  11. Oh, I can comment till the cows come home, my friend! Now that I think of it, can I put in a vote for a cow tattoo?Unusual AND fun!

  12. Phil, where have you been?I saw someone the other day who had a tattoo of Mother Teresa. I think that would be perfect for you, Phil.

  13. Well Tai is the winner. It’s either going to be a tattoo of “Tai” on the side of my neck or a Celtic armband.

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