Hyperbole Perhaps?

LONDON, England (CNN) — The United Nations’ anti-drugs chief has denounced celebrities such as pop star Amy Winehouse and supermodel Kate Moss, saying that their alleged drug use was helping devastate West Africa. “Coke-snorting fashionistas are not only damaging their noses and brains — they are contributing to state failure on the other side of the world,” wrote Antonio Maria Costa, the executive director of the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime.

Yeah, lighten up dude. I’m pretty sure that Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss may do a lot of coke, but probably not enough to ruin the economy of several countries.

3 responses to “Hyperbole Perhaps?

  1. Pathetic. My daughter thinks “the rehab song” is hilarious. See… coke does buildup the economy. The more songs coke’d up musicians write, the more music I buy, the more coke they buy… it’s all good.

  2. *rolls eyes*Talk about overkill.

  3. honestly, i think winehouse might just do enough coke, actually….<>WV: duwpuq<>

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