Feeling Blue?

Is it just me, or has everyone noticed that now, virtually every beverage comes in the color blue? Blue is not a color that anything edible in nature is. Unless you eat parrots. Not wanting to eat parrots and suspicious of anything that is a glowing blue I still refuse to drink these freakish liquids. Think about it. It used to be that the only blue liquids were the windshield washer fluid for your car and the stuff the hairdressers put the combs in. How do we know that all the new blue beverages aren’t some derivation of those two things?

8 responses to “Feeling Blue?

  1. nothing compares to the lack of blue found in the food world, but blue flowers are incredibly rare as well. i can think of only one.blue <>is<> unnatural. but c’mon, didn’t you love the blue raspberry slurpees as a kid?

  2. blueberries? granted, I don’t think they’re edible, but, you know.

  3. blueberries aren’t truly blue. i eat them often enough to know that they stain purple. 🙂

  4. the juice is purple, but the berries are definitely blue!

  5. LOL, you two have a regular conversation going on here.

  6. just trying to give you some traffic phil… 😉

  7. I’ve been wondering if we took all of the food dye out, what the food would actually look like. Is it really that un-edible that we couldn’t eat it?

  8. They probably are a derivation of those things, but hey, they contain shitloads of sugar.

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