Happy New Year! My predictions for 2009

It is the first of January 2009 and I’m blogging already. That’s got to be a good sign. A good sign of what I don’t know. The two or three of you who have occasionally visited my blog over the past 12 months as it has eroded to the point where you may have thought I had died are certainly appreciated and hopefully I’ll be able to be a better blogger over the next twelve months.

I’m sure that blogland is full of posts about New Years resolutions today, but this won’t be one of those posts. I do have resolutions, but I’ll keep them to myself. Ok, I’ll share one. I’d like to revive my blog to the point where it is again somewhat interactive with all my blog friends. Instead of resolutions, using my infamous psychic abilities, I will post a list of my predictions for the coming year.

1. President Barack Obama and his wife will divorce. Being the most powerful man on Earth has it’s perks, (and I should know) and one of those is power groupies. Prez Barry won’t be able to resist a little extracurricular nookie, perhaps Hilary Clinton who is looking to get revenge on Bill, and will stray from his wife while on a business trip. Michelle Obama will get the White House in the divorce settlement and Barack will then have to rule our country from a cheap apartment full of rental furniture that he was forced to hastily go to after returning from the Middle East to find his clothes and belongings in a pile on the curb in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

2. The economy will effect entertainment magazines and the rain forest. People Magazine, Us weekly and all other entertainment magazines will make the editorial decision not to glamorize celebrities because the “regular” people don’t want to hear about the millions they make per picture when we’re worrying about keeping our jobs, houses, and retirement funds. So, without any Brad, Jen, and Angelina news on their covers the magazines are reduced to being 47 pages of advertisements that no one buys. The magazines go out of business and the resulting reduction in trees cut down to make the paper saves the rain forest and reverses global warming.

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  1. Nice predictions. Although I’m not sure I’m worried about Obama cheating, I’m worried about assasination.I finally got my hands on Jesus H. Christ….etc. first album. I’m working on getting the second. That is great stuff!

  2. LOL, I’m glad you like JHC.

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