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If each episode of 24 is an hour in Jack Bauers’ life, then what happened previously was only an hour ago. Why would they have to remind us? That’s the trouble with time travel, too much irony. That’s why humans don’t do it. It is absolutely impossible that virtually every hour of Jack Bauers’ life is crammed with fighting terrorist plots. He can’t possibly be doing that every day. Every now and then, why isn’t there an episode where we see Jack plunging his toilet for 45 minutes and then cleaning up the mess? Where is the episode with Jack walking his dog? When will we see his wife nagging him for not taking out the garbage? How about an episode that begins with Jack walking down the hall in his boxers and a wife beater tank top carrying the newspaper into the bathroom. The next 45 minutes could just be the camera pointed at the closed bathroom door. That would be reality television.

6 responses to “Previously on 24…

  1. the man does lead a pretty intense life. i’d like to see the part of the day where he has a nervous breakdown and needs to be committed for a month. that’s what would happen to me if i had to deal with all that crap all the time.

  2. Isn’t that what Survivor is for?

  3. I’ve never watched 24, but don’t they let time go on between seasons? The next season isn’t the very next day, is it? I couldn’t deal with that much intensity. That’s why I’m a teacher though. Very few bio-weapons released by 4th graders.

  4. Sarah- Exactly. Does he go home and kick his dog if the terrorist gets away?Sherry- Don’t mention Survivor to me. I have a serious grudge with that show and have never watched an episode.DMH- To be honest, I’ve never watched 24 either.

  5. This man is on a treadmill that doesn’t stop, and yes, I’d love to see someone pull the plug on it and have him walk off and use the toilet. 🙂

  6. Would you believe that I have never ever seen that show? Hmmmmmmm.

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