Highway To Hell (A Golden Boy Road Trip)

Yes, the Golden Boys do occasionally leave New York to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting denizens of other locales. A few brief, but memorable, moments occurred during just such a road trip when we set sail for Golden Boy Tom’s nuptials in the windy city of Chicago. Tom was already in Chicago with his betrothed, while Gooby, Chuck, myself, and auxiliary Golden Boy Ozzy packed ourselves into a Ford Probe for the 12 hour drive.

First off, let me say that there should be a Golden Boys soundtrack because so many songs are associated with specific moments that we all remember. Those of you on the wrong side of 30 would enjoy our music. One such musical moment occurred spontaneously during the trip to Chicago. As we all cruised along, mocking me for not driving fast enough, the 1980’s mega-hit “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats, came on the radio. Without a word, our bodies began to bob back and forth in uncanny unison to the music as we all spontaneously burst into singing the words loudly together.(“You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind, ‘cuz your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine”) The passengers in other cars going by us laughed and pointed.

Shortly after that we stopped at a rest stop in Ohio. Two things happened in fairly quick succession shortly after we sat down to eat. Auxiliary Golden Boy Ozzy inadvertently introduced a full-fledged, habit wearing nun to the phrase “knob job” and Chuck was filmed sitting helplessly on the commode. That’s one thing about being a Golden Boy. You’re guard has to be up at all times. Especially if you’re naked. Whether it be showering, sleeping, or using the toilet, there is always an excellent chance another Golden Boy will film or photograph you and then send it by e-mail to everyone he knows.

6 responses to “Highway To Hell (A Golden Boy Road Trip)

  1. Ha ha I'm just picturing you all bobbing along to the Safety Dance!

    Nice to know your friends take any opportunity to humiliate you too!

  2. How does Ozzy feel about being an auxiliary Golden Boy?

  3. *I* want a copy of the Golden Boy soundtrack! Wrong side of 30, hmm? With a b.day coming up that makes me feel old…although I'm probably still younger than you 😉

  4. I had to listen to The Safety Dance coming from my daughter's room this morning.

    Then I found a nickel.

    Strange day…

  5. Now I wish I would've made it back to Rochester for the reunion this weekend and met up with you to do The Safety Dance! lol

  6. LL- It's hard not to enjoy the Safety Dance. Humiliate me? How?

    Dawn- I think he feels fortunate. Wouldn't you? wE are The Golden Boys after all.

    RK-Ooh don't bring up the age thing. That's a sensitive subject with me.

    PG-Nickels are 5x more lucky than pennies. Hold onto it and rub it between your fingers. You may even want to name it.

    Scarlet- Yup, you missed your opportunity for a Safety Dance with a Golden Boy. Well, I'm coming to Fla. next month. Maybe then!

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