Jesus of Suburbia


Well, it happened again. God spoke to someone through the image of Jesus Christ on a receipt from a South Carolina Walmart. Oh wait, that’s never happened before. Apparently Gentry Lee Sutherland and her fiancee’ Jacob Simmons (yes, her name is ‘Gentry Lee’. If that isn’t a sign her parents worshipped Satan I don’t know what is) picked up a few things at Walmart, left the receipt on their kitchen table and a few days later when they looked at the receipt the image of Jesus Christ was on the receipt. Then again, take a look at that picture, how can we be sure that’s not Osama Bin Laden or Ted Nugent speaking to us through the receipt? And if it is Ted Nugent, I’m curious about what he has to say. He hasn’t put out an album in like forever!

I’ve got to give credit to whomever is speaking through the Walmart receipt. Apparently they’ve given up the age-old, tried and true method of speaking to their followers by placing their image on toast, pancakes, potato chips, or a water stain on a wall. Think about it; if you are an omnipotent deity with cosmic powers, are you going to screw around putting your likeness on something that by chance could fall into the hands or mouth of an atheist at a pub who looks at his cheese doodle and says, “Oh look Ted, it looks like a face in my cheese doodle, crunch, crunch, crunch. Hey bartender, we’re out of cheese doodles over here.” 

If God is an omnipotent deity with cosmic powers and does want to speak to his or her followers (See? I put his or her. Look how enlightened I am. I hear the chicks dig that),  why wouldn’t he or she send us all a text message? I’m pretty sure that omnipotence includes mastery of modern technology. Or perhaps take over cable t.v.? “Hi everyone, this is God here. I’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this important message…”

When I’m a deity I’m not going to waste my time putting my face in snack foods or receipts. People will wake up one day and suddenly there will be an extra head on Mt. Rushmore, or the Eiffel Tower will be bent into the shape of my profile. That’s how you get the word out that you’re the guy to worship. Either these snack food/receipt  Gods aren’t very bright, or the people who see them are just seeing what they want to see. And if putting your face in people’s food is the way Gods go about getting publicity, why doesn’t anyone claim to see Satan in their Corn Flakes? If Coke is running a big add campaign you can bet Pepsi will counter it. Satan needs to get off his fiery, red ass and get to work. He’s losing customers. Then again, how many of you women have eaten a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching a Lifetime movie on a lonely Saturday night and said, “The devil made me do it”?

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3 responses to “Jesus of Suburbia

  1. What, the Hanif Kureishi novel?

    That picture looks more like Charles Manson to me, although Ted Nugent is funnier.

  2. Looks like the Jewish hippie I see driving around my town. (He really is Jewish, and a hippie, I'm not being derogatory or anything.)

  3. Chris- I agree that the receipt looked more like Charles Manson or Jack Nicholsons character in The Shining but I had to go with the funnier option.

    Berly- Well wasn't Jesus a Jewish hippie?

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