The Guy Code of Conduct Chapter 6: The Female Pop Quiz

In millions of every day situations men are being tested and graded as if we are still in school. The Female Pop Quiz can consist of one question, several questions, or a situation. The results of these spontaneous daily exams can make or break a young relationship, or just make your life difficult for a day, a week, or even more in a long term relationship or marriage. The trick is, if you pass the quiz you never know it and if you fail it justice is usually swift and brutal. Sometimes men are smart enough to recognize when these pop quizzes have come up and at other times we are not. It is these time where potential disaster looms. Here for the are some of the most common Female Pop Quizzes and how to answer them correctly.

1. Does this make me look fat?  This is the most common and stereotypical of the pop quiz questions and almost all men recognize it, but some still answer incorrectly. An answer of  “No baby, that doesn’t make you look fat. I love your curves,” seems well intentioned and some men even accentuate the statement with a playful pat on the behind. This answer is a mistake. The inevitable answer from the woman will be, “What? I have curves?!!? So you’re saying I’m fat?” A safe answer would be, “Honey, nothing could ever make you look fat. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. If anything that outfit makes you look too thin.”

2. The Dinner Reaction: After a woman has cooked a wonderful meal from scratch the male impulse is to just dig in and enjoy. As men we think that the act of eating every scrap and then licking the plate clean is enough of an indication of our love of the food. That gentlemen, is absolutely the wrong assumption. This situation is a Female Pop Quiz. If you are not yet married and a woman cooks you a meal, she is essentially testing you to see how you might possibly respond to your evening dinner every night for the rest of your lives. If you want anything long term with this woman you will not just dig and  then finish with an appreciative belch. After asking if there is anything you can do to help, such as set the table, the appropriate response is to first comment on how delicious everything looks and smells. Even if it looks like roadkill. Then after your first bite fake a complete mouthgasm as if you had just eaten food blessed by the gods. Even if she just gave you three day old dry toast this is the proper response. A corollary to this rule is that if a woman has cooked not only for you, but for company, you must absolutely be the first person to compliment her cooking in front of everyone.

3. The “Comment on Other Women pop quiz. This is always a complicated situation that requires some expert verbal maneuvering to extricate yourself from without pain. If your female companion spots another woman on television or when you’re out in public and makes a comment on that woman you are immediately on the hot seat. If your gal knows and dislikes the other woman due to a personal conflict no matter how far in the distant past it is in your best interest to listen attentively to her complaint, and then agree, even if you’ve just realized that your gal pal is completely wrong in the situation. If the situation is on the looks or behavior of a stranger then you have a bit more leeway. If your companion comments upon another woman’s looks or attire be very careful. This is a very dangerous trap. Needless to say though if it’s about large, fake boobs, remember, no matter what, we all hate them right? Practice saying it in front of the mirror with a straight face at least a few times a day until you’ve got it down pat. Now if your girlfriend, fiance’, or wife makes a negative comment about a woman, it may be in your best interest to give a fairly ambiguous answer, or even an “oh, she doesn’t seem that bad,” response. If you come off as too catty yourself, or too prone to degrade another woman, even in a private conversation, this will reflect badly on her perception of your respect for women.

Obviously this chapter contains more material, but if I give away all of it the delicate balance of male-female communication may be forever altered, and it might cut into the book sales. Stay tuned for Chapter 7: What To Say about Mothers.

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  1. um… are you writing a book?

    #1 is good… although my husband answers me honestly when I ask this question… which is good because then I don't wear clothes that are not flattering.

    #2 LOVE IT!!

  2. Thx Extra O!

  3. *witch's cackle*

    I made lunch once basically by opening the fridge, typing whatever was in there into Google, and lo and behold, there was a recipe for random ingredients waiting in cyberspace. It was horrible and I knew it was horrible, but Hubby said it was “nice,” poor thing. And then I ambushed him by asking “Would you eat it again?”

    Dear. In. Headlights.

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