The United States of Oprah

Oprah has a new t.v. show starting next week. And it’s on every freaking night. Is it just me, or did every else think to themselves, “Oh my God! I thought we just got rid of her. What the hell else can she possibly have to say?”

Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most famous person in America. Oprah Winfrey could probably buy Switzerland and have enough money left over to order a pizza. If George W. Bush likes a book, it’s probably by Dr. Suess. If Oprah Winfrey likes a book it becomes a bestseller. (I sure hope she likes my blog) If you help Oprah lay off the carbs for a few weeks, you can get your own t.v. show and become a pop culture icon. If Hollywood ever decides to update the ancient fable of King Midas as a movie they could just substitute Oprah’s life story. Why she doesn’t just ride to her public appearances in a Popemobile is beyond me. Was this paragraph redundant? Absolutely. Was it superfluous? I think not.

You get the point. Oprah is big, and not in the way she used to be. Her popularity has reached heights that few celebrities ever have known. Barack Obama can only dream of a public consensus like that. My question is, what’s stopping Oprah from running for the presidency? If the population is, as they say, 52% women, how could she be stopped? Scary thought huh? Then again, I might not be opposed to Oprah as President. Think about it…with her money she could bail out the U.S. economy without batting an eyelash. And can you imagine the State of the Union address when she says, “To help stimulate the economy…(dramatic pause)…everyone in the United States gets a new car!” In fact, I hope Oprah does become President because that would mean we would probably see her on t.v. a lot less. 

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5 responses to “The United States of Oprah

  1. Whatever it takes to get less coverage of that woman . . .

  2. I'll have you know that Oprah is one of my favorite Southpaws. Nonetheless, carry on.

    It's a little known fact that Oprah didn't actually buy cars for that audience; the car company did so.

  3. haha… that's funny! She probably would win.

    @Thomas — I knew that!

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