Occupy This!

Aaaah! Thank goodness thousands are sitting around on the sidewalks and in the parks in the biggest cities’ financial districts all over the world. I’m feeling better about my 401k already. Yup, there’s nothing better to save the world economy from doom than sitting around on your ass with cardboard signs. I’m pretty sure that must be how the Roman Empire was built.

Hmmmm…I wonder who the brain trust is behind this movement? How did that meeting go? “Let’s see, we have no jobs, and we want jobs. What’s the best way to fix that? I know, let’s go sit around in the street! That will look great on my resume!”  Looking back on world history how many problems have been solved by doing nothing instead of something? American Revolution: sitting, or throwing tea in the harbor? (Or if you’re in Boston it’s the “haahbah”)  Berlin Wall: Did they sit next to it, or did they knock it down? Capturing Bin Laden: Did our troops go to the Middle East and sit down until Bin Laden surrendered? Let’s see…where have we seen the “I don’t like what’s going on so I’m going to sit down right here until someone gives me what I want” attitude? Oh that’s right! That’s how 4 year olds try to solve problems! Now if the Wall St. protesters would just hold their breath until they get what they want I’m pretty sure we could knock a few percent off the unemployment rate at the same time. 

Yeah, I’m thinking that if a Fortune 500 company offers a job to any one of those “protesters” they would be suiting up and toeing a company line in a high rise on Wall St. in about two minutes. I wonder how long these sitting outdoors protests are going to last in New York when the first snow falls in about two weeks. I have a message for all of the Wall St. protesters who are reading my blog on their iphones as they sit in the street: Get out of the way you morons. Everyone who can fix the economy is trying to get to work and you’re slowing them down, and thus by extension, slowing the economic recovery with your stupid “protest.” Sitting down is not a protest. I’m sitting down right now and I’m not protesting anything. Well, actually, I’m protesting the fact that not enough of you are subscribing to The Phil Factor on your Amazon Kindle.

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4 responses to “Occupy This!

  1. This made me happy. Thanks for that, Phil. 🙂

  2. I just laughed. A lot. Kudos.

  3. Well thanks Princess and Berly. You both made me smile : )

  4. Fine! I'll get up and go home! Because of your sensible reasoning.

    No, not really, my arse is just totally numb from the cold concrete.


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