2011: The Year In Review?

No, just kidding. I’m seriously not going to review the year either personally or in music, movies, or news. I love the holidays, but I hate watching t.v. this time of year. There isn’t a single media outlet that can resist the obligatory “Year in Review” piece. Why? We all know what happened! We don’t need the events ranked for us. And for cryin’ out loud don’t give us that videography set to music of the people that died this year! That’s so depressing it makes me want to join that list immediately. 

I’m also not one to send one of those form letter Christmas cards: “Dear (insert name here), 2011 was a wonderful year for my family. I started a new job, little Johnny learned to poop indoors and that rash on Susie’s face cleared up…blah, blah, blah….” If you’re a friend, I’ve talked to you throughout the year, followed you on Facebook and you know what I’ve been doing and I know what you’ve been doing. So lets look ahead. Why not list what we’d like to see in the coming year? Here is my list of things I’d like to see happen in 2012.

1. More David Blaine. I hate him, but I miss him. Where the hell did that guy go? A couple years ago you couldn’t walk down to your mailbox without finding him locked inside it. He was on t.v. constantly,  just locking himself inside stuff. For no reason! No one even asked him to! I think maybe he locked himself in something two years ago and couldn’t get out and we all just forgot about him. 

2. I’d like an end to all reality shows. Each and every one of them. There is an entire generation of television writers who haven’t had to come up with a new idea in 15 years. Even the “new” ideas for reality shows aren’t original. Most of the original reality show ideas were stolen from foreign television. “Reality” television isn’t remotely like any reality I’ve ever seen. Not once in my reality have I been stranded on a desert island or locked in a house with a bunch of strangers and forced to manipulate others or eat live bugs in order to win a pizza. 

3. I’d like to see a law passed eliminating Leap Year and Day. All months should be the same length. This goes along with my Daylight Savings Time grudge. If we didn’t muck about with our clocks so much we could probably get our calendar straightened out too. 

4. I’d like to see 2012 pass without so much as a single “news” item using the words “Lohan” or “Kardashian.” Oh my God. I just had a thought. What if Lindsay Lohan marries Rob Kardashian? 

5. 2012 is an election year and I’ll say it again:  I think we ought to elect our next President American Idol style. Week by week eliminations until the winner is announced on live t.v. Why not? It would get more people involved in the political process if they could participate via television and cell phone. Instead of 80’s hits night we’d have the New Hampshire primary. Then again, why not 80’s hits night? I think the President should be able to inform and entertain during the State of the Union address. If they hold open auditions in a town near me I am so going to sleep out overnight to be in line.  Gingrich and Obama would have no shot at beating out my obvious charm. And I would look really tall standing next to Ryan Seacrest. 

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  1. Don't #2 and #5 sort of contradict each other? Perhaps we could argue that #5 would actually be real rather than a reality show 🙂 Your list made me smile. One way to take care of #4 would be to come and live in New Zealand. Thankfully the New Zealand public does not appear to care all that much about American “celebrities”.

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