The Last Shoe Tree Post

That’s right! This is the last post I’ll put here with a picture and story of another shoe tree. This is the tree, or rather trees that started all this, and after posting this today, tonight  I’ll post the answer to why I’ve been telling you about the shoe trees.


About an hour east of Buffalo, very near to the shore of Lake Ontario in upstate Amish country is a copse of four trees covered in shoes. Some are hanging by their laces in the high branches and some nailed to the trunks. They are actually called The Sneaker Trees. The trees started about forty years ago when a local resident who collected shoes brought his collection to the copse of trees and threw them all up in the branches.

Local legend has it that if you throw your shoes into the tree and they stay up there it brings you good luck. I just drove by the trees yesterday and I’m hoping they bring me good luck. Come back tonight to find out what this has all been about.

Photo credit: Brent Young,

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