An Offer for WordPress Bloggers: Something Free!

Hello WordPress friends. I’m looking for your help. I’ve always believed in the power of blogging and in the good that blog writers can do with their writing. I recently published a short novel. The challenge as an indie author isn’t so much in writing the book, it’s in getting other people to know about it. There are a million book review blogs out there, but they all have wait lists of months and months and no guarantees that if you submit a book that it will ever get reviewed.

If anyone would like a free Kindle or Nook copy of my new novel The Sneaker Tree, I will provide you with one in exchange for an honest review on your blog. Notice that I said honest review. I’m not trying to bribe anyone. It’s a relatively short novel that can be read in a weekend or a few days. If you’re interested, in the comments section or by e-mail, let me know if you have a Kindle or Nook and what e-mail I should send the gift copy download link to.


Thanks! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Great idea, Phil. Congratulations on publishing your novel. I’d love to do a review. The Christmas period is busy but I could get one up by the end of Jan? I have a Kindle & my email is Thanks, n

  2. I would be happy to do that. My daughter is actually getting a Kindle for Christmas. Would it be so wrong to do that through hers? I’ll keep you posted.

    • Thank you Marissa! No, I don’t think it would be wrong to do it through hers. There’s nothing inappropriate in the story if she did decide to read it herself. A little bit of mild language maybe. It’s a relatively short novel with humor and suspense. If you’re still interested in it after Christmas let me know!

  3. If I can help in any way by writing a review, I’m most happy to do so. I have
    a Kindle and my email is:

  4. Hi Phil! This is my first time on your website- stumbled here through Suzie81 (don’t we love the online community?). I would looove to review your book. Seems like I will not be getting a part-time job this Christmas so I will have a lot of time to do a lot of reading. I’m just going to finish up And The Mountains Echoed, then move on to yours! If you don’t mind? I’m still a (relatively) new blogger and I don’t get much traffic on my blog, but I’ve always wanted to do a book review and would love to have yours be the first one. I read a bit of the book’s summary on Amazon and it sounds very intriguing. So if you’ll let me, my email is and I have a kindle. Thank you!

    • I’d be honored to be the first book review on your blog! Thank you! I’ll send the gift copy through an Amazon e-mail that you’ll receive that has a download link in it.

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