Review of Phil Taylor’s “The Sneaker Tree”

Thank you to Marissa Bergen for reading and reviewing my book!

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

From the first time I read Phil Taylor’s blog, I instantly knew this was a blogger I wanted to follow. Phil has a fresh and accessible voice and his sense of humor is both witty and familiar.

Thanks to Phil’s brilliant marketing tactics, I was quickly made aware of the fact that Phil has written a couple of novels (all available on Amazon) one of which is “The Sneaker Tree.”
My first thoughts on finding this out was, yes please, I would like to read this book. But being that I am a typical New Yorker, I was also skeptical. After all, writing a blog is one thing, but writing a book is something completely different. Would it be any good? And what would it be like? Judging from Phil’s blog, I could only imagine that it would read like a very long episode of Seinfeld (not that there’s anything…

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