An Author Spotlight with Me?!!?


Thank you to Sue Pilski of Between the Pages and Beyond for making me the Author Spotlight on her website yesterday. You can read it here. She’s looking for book reviewers for her site, so if you’ve ever dreamed of getting free books, go to her site and send her an e-mail.


4 responses to “An Author Spotlight with Me?!!?

  1. Congrats, will have to read.

  2. Good grief! You’re already a published author?! Who gives polished, confident interviews? And I insulted you… Just finding a convenient rock to crawl under now… If I had your book, I’d take it along, with a flashlight.

    BTW, clicked on the above link and it did not work for me, so clicked on Sue’s link at the top of her page to get to your interview. Bullheaded, here.

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