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Funny(?) Memories of Meat Loaf the singer, not the dinner

The singer Meat Loaf, also known to his family as Michael Lee Aday passed away last week at the age of 74, reportedly due to Covid. Meat Loaf’s heyday was in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He wasn’t just a singer. He was an entertainer who had a big personality and always put on a show no matter what he was doing.

He was also an actor in Fight Club and cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Since his passing I learned from a Facebook group page that he had a presence at my undergraduate alma mater before and after I went there. Here are some very entertaining comments from that Facebook page:

“Meat performed as a cast member for The National Lampoon Show on Sept. 25, 1975…I remember a big, sweaty guy that had an incredible presence.” 

Just heard the news that Meatloaf passed. Anyone here remember the “Meatloafing” of  Meatloaf at TKE Springfest, 1991?”

I was there, I knew who threw the meatloaf. Meatloaf smashed the backstage toilet after being hit.”

I was there. I know who threw it. The song playing was of course “Paradise…”. Meatloaf got hit and stormed off. Meatloaf came back on, invited the person who threw the meatloaf to come up on stage where he would “@#$& him up…

I was there. My now ex-husband lost his keys in the pond during Meatloaf’s set.” 

I thought he performed at Dirt Day. I believe it was 1987 or 88′. Someone beaned him in the head with a frisbee and he was done!

“…must have been 87  cause that was the year I graduated. thought it was a salt shaker…

“…it was 90 and it was a burger

He’s a good guy and didn’t deserve that.

You’re right. He didn’t. We were all young, and most of us pretty stupid back then.”

“(Person’s name) baked a meatloaf the night before Springfest and strategically threw it at Meatloaf during his performance.”

I didn’t realize anyone knew who did it. Just remember flying meat.”

Obviously, there was no love lost between Meat Loaf and the State University of New York at Oswego. The two comments that cracked me up the most were the woman who just commented that her husband had lost his keys in the pond and this: “Just remember flying meat.”  To be clear, I was not at any of his performances at my college and I’ve never thrown meat at anyone.

Have a great Sunday and just remember flying meat. I want that on a t-shirt. ~Phil

Snowpocalypse 2022! (aka snow in the South)

It’s happening this weekend. The annual snowpocalypse in the southeastern United States. For those of you reading from other countries, there are parts of the United States that get a lot of snow for about four months every year. I live in one of those unfortunate places. For us, getting a foot (30 centimetres) of snow overnight just means that we have to spend a little extra time clearing our driveway before we go to work. In the southeastern region of the United States they get snow about once a year, and when they get it, it’s about one to three inches (2-6 centimetres). What makes us Northerners laugh is their reaction to it, or rather their overreaction to it.


Now I know that making fun of southerners reaction to snow is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, which is apparently something they do in the South. Maybe that’s why they get so upset by snow. Maybe their barrels freeze over and they can’t shoot fish. We’ve all seen news footage of people fleeing a hail of bullets during a terrorist attack. That’s exactly how people in the south flee a hail of…well, hail. Although in the South they’ll try shooting back first, because everyone in the south in America is ‘packing’.

A few years ago Atlanta, Georgia got a couple inches of snow one day and immediately every motor vehicle on the road just stopped. They didn’t break down or anything, they all put it in park and just sat there waiting for the sun to return. School buses full of children on their way home stopped. The kids slept overnight on the buses parked on the highways.  Businesses everywhere just closed up until the white stuff was all gone.

Remember when you were a kid and you and your siblings would play that game where you pretend the floor is lava and you have to jump from furniture to furniture? That’s southerners with snow.

This is how we handle snow on the roads up north:


If you own a grocery store in the south, you pray for that snowmaggedon each year because southerners imagine that when that two inches of snow hits, they’re going to have to “hunker down” and survive in their homes for who knows how long. If two inches of snow is forecast, families start drawing straws to see which family member they’ll eat first when they run out of food.


I don’t know if there’s any phenomena quite like this anywhere else in the world. If any of you from other countries know of the same or a similar pattern of behavior in your country, I’d love to hear about it.

Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

Why YOU Did Your New Years Resolutions WRONG!

Good morning and welcome to the next year of your life. YOU did your resolutions wrong. Whether you wrote about them online, posted them on Facebook, or just said them aloud to your friends, you did it wrong. “I want to lose ten pounds,” or maybe you said, “I want to be more organized in 2022!”  Perhaps you might have gone the “I’m going to learn something new!” route. Regardless, you were wrong, wrong, WRONG! Yes, that last wrong was said in frustration at you. At the whole human race in fact.

Last weekend I was watching one of those insipid New Year’s Eve countdown shows and they had clips of  different celebrities saying their resolutions. These were famous, talented people who have displayed their skills for the world to see. Surely people like this must have grand goals they aspire to, right? Nope. They wanted to lose the same ten pounds as you and “live more in the moment” in 2022. Ugh. Snoozefest. Zzzzzz Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz. That was me last weekend dozing off before midnight because I was bored with the whole human race and their pathetically small aspirations.

What is wrong with people? Does no one aspire to greatness anymore? Does no one want to change the world, or even conquer it in some fashion? We’ve grown from single cell organisms into creatures that travel to outer space and have phones that can reach anyone anywhere on the planet at any time! Our history is filled with dreamers that wanted to achieve greatness just because they could! But this year, I didn’t hear any of them.

Guess what everybody? We only get one New Year beginning every year. Why squander it dreaming small? You know the old saying: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll die without oxygen in the void of space  land among the stars.” If you set some tiny mundane goal, you’ll never be excited about achieving it, and thus less likely to pursue it to the finish line.

Here are my goals for 2022:

  1. Be chosen as Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Seriously, if Paul Rudd can win it, then it’s obviously open to anyone.
  2. Have one of my books achieve best seller status and sell the movie or TV rights.
  3. Resume doing stand-up comedy. Get my own special on Netflix 
  4. Get all my 2022 psychic predictions right and be acknowledged as the world’s greatest psychic who is consulted by world leaders.

There. That’s how you set goals! Now get off your lazy asses, lose ten pounds AND change the world! Are you with me? If you are, point to the bleachers and call your shot. Put one of your ‘shoot for the moon‘ goals in the comments for all the world to see.

Have a great weekend and an even better 2022! ~Phil

The Top Ten 2022 Banished Phrases

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am so sick of hearing that phrase!”?  Sometimes it’s an acronym at work. Other times it’s a pop culture phenomenon. And often it’s a word or phrase that someone from another generation (younger) seems to say all the time that makes no sense to you.

Lake Superior State University, is located in Michigan’s upper peninsula, which should really be part of Wisconsin. Each year they publish a list of the top ten words that people would like to see banished. That’s exactly the kind of hard hitting research you’ll find at a “state school.” I should know, because I went to one. Harvard is busy curing cancer, but Lake Superior State University is spending public money making lists of silly phrases. They are definitely my kind of people.

I’ll give you the list with my comments and I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

10. Supply chain: 90% of us didn’t know what a supply chain was before 2021. Now it’s my favorite phrase to get out of work. “I’m sorry boss, I can’t make it to work today. Supply chain issues.” Supply chain gets me out of more things than Covid. “I apologize your honor, but I can’t be on this jury all week. Supply chain issues.” or “Not tonight honey. I’ve got supply chain issues.” (Ladies, feel free to use that last one)

9. You’re on mute: I hear this one a lot when I’m pretending to have technical difficulties to get out of being on a two hour Zoom meeting. Also my wife is fond of saying, “Sorry honey. I can’t hear you. You’re on mute.” She says that when she’s sitting right next to me. A lot.

8. New Normal: Anybody that’s using this phrase is just giving up on life. Saying that something is the new normal is like saying, “I give up. This sucks but I can’t change anything.” I don’t think we should avoid the phrase. I think that anyone who says it should immediately be prescribed an anti-depressant and sentenced to ten weeks of therapy.

7. Deep Dive: Admittedly, I’ve used this one in work situations more than once. Yes, I know it’s overused, but what else can we say that means the same and is just as cool? In-depth look? Nah. That phrase bores me. I fell asleep typing it. Thorough investigation? That only sounds good with a British accent and I can never pull that off. (Now you’re imagining that phrase in a British accent aren’t you? See what I mean?”)

6. Circle back: Of course this one came from a state school. When I was in college and we we’re at a bar near campus that was basically circular, we’d check out the talent by walking a lap around the bar. If you couldn’t find someone to your liking, you say to your friends, “Nope. Nothing yet. I’m going to circle back in a half hour or so.” Now my generation uses it in Zoom meetings to say, “Yeah, no. That’s not gonna happen.”

5. Asking for a friend: Never in the history of the world has anyone ever believed this lie. People on Twitter wore this phrase out six years ago.

4. That being said… This is a way to pretend you agree but you’re really disagreeing. It sounds a little pretentious to me. Enough so that if you’re on a Zoom call, pretend you don’t hear the person and repeatedly say, “You’re on mute. I can’t hear you.” Give it about minute or two before you acknowledge them again.

3. At the end of the day… This is a way to act smart and pretend that you’re saying something obvious. It’s also a great way to get people thinking of 5:00 and having a drink as soon as “this blowhard on my work conference call shuts the hell up.” People who say ‘At the end of the day’ are the people that overtalk in every conference call be cause they want to impress the higher ups.

2. No worries! People that say this are obviously worriers trying to overcompensate by using this linguistic pacifier. If someone says this to you, immediate worrying is called for. They’re like the character in a suspense film who says, “Don’t worry. We got this,” right before all hell breaks loose.

1. Wait, what? In other words, “Are you effing kidding me?” It’s a cute way to express disbelief, as in “Are you serious? Did you just say that?” This is always the prelude to a good conflict and if you’re lucky, fisticuffs.

Now there’s a word we should pump up in 2022. Fisticuffs! In the comments, what are the words and phrases you found most tiresome in 2021?

Have a great Tuesday!  ~Phil

Weird New Year’s Traditions From All Over The World

Picture rights: livingmividaloca.com

As I’ve done with other Top Ten lists, one of these is fake and the first person to pick the right one can have a paperback or Kindle version of one of my books. (Yes, I realize that’s not a big incentive and might in fact scare some people away)

10. Wearing Colorful Underwear: In many Latin American Countries, as well as Spain and Italy, wearing different color underwear is supposed to bring different kinds of luck or prosperity in the new year. White is thought to bring peace and harmony, and red obviously is for love and romance. I wonder what purple does for you? (asking for a friend)

9. Plate smashing in Denmark? Apparently people in Denmark smash dishes and plates on their neighbors doors to bring good luck. Really? That sounds like vandalism to me. I wonder if I could get away with doing that here in the States. I’ll just tell the police that I’m Danish.

8. Ecuador Effigies: In Ecuador they burn effigies, called año viejo (the old year), of public figures like actors, music stars or politicians at midnight in order to banish any bad luck or ill-will from the previous year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that I’d love the idea of people burning a scarecrow of me. I’d be worrying what comes next.

Picture rights: Imaginative-Traveller.com

7. Beware Falling Furniture: At midnight in South Africa people throw their old appliances and furniture out the window. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be a furniture salesman on January 1st!

Picture rights: Imaginative-Traveller.com

6. April New Year’s in Thailand? April 13th-15th is the start of the New Year in Thailand because that is the start of the New Year for their religion, Theravada Buddhism. They celebrate by having a big water fight, believing that symbolically throwing water on each others washes away bad luck. Now that’s a New Year’s tradition I’d enjoy! Where I live, if we threw water on each other on New Year’s Day, everyone would get frostbite.

Picture rights: Friends-Family-Food.com

5. In Bangladesh, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The New Year is celebrated by everyone in the family eating a pastry, with wine, at midnight. If you find a coin in your pastry, you will have good fortune in the coming year. Yikes! That sounds dangerous. I hope they’re chocolate coins!

Picture rights: DW.com

4. The Psychic Germans! In Germany they melt small pieces of lead in a spoon over a flame, then pour the melted metal into cold water. The shapes formed by the Bleigießen (lead pouring) reveal how good their coming year will be. If the lead forms a ball, luck is going to roll your way. If it’s the shape of a crown, that means good luck with money, while a star signifies happiness and a cross will bring death. Wow, that is kind of terrible isn’t it?

3. Travel Insurance in Colombia: In Colombia you might think that once the clock strikes midnight everyone is trying to flee the country because you’ll see people running around their house or even their entire block with a suitcase. They believe that doing so will ensure good travels in the coming year.

2. All The Single Ladies in Ireland…are hoping he’ll put a ring on it. Apparently the single women in Ireland put mistletoe (which apparently wasn’t effective at Christmas) under their pillows and then burn it in a fire the next day hoping to lure the love of their life. Geez, I hope they take it out from under their pillow before setting it on fire. If I’m in Ireland and I meet a girl who likes to set things on fire, I am probably going to run the other direction.

Picture rights: Casa Bay Villas

1. Some people Like their grapes in wine…: This one was contributed by my friend, international travel writer Bel Woodhouse (follow her on IG @thetravelbag.guru) In Mexico they eat 12 grapes at midnight. Some eat them one with each toll of the bell to bring good luck in the coming year. What happens if you have a grape allergy? Are those people just out of luck? That doesn’t sound like a fair tradition. Personally, I’ll just drink enough wine to ensure that I’ve taken in 12 grapes. That’s at least one bottle, right?

Ok, remember that I said one of these was made up? The first person to guess it in the comments gets a free paperback or Kindle copy of one of my books. Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I’d better get going if I want to squeeze all ten of these traditions at midnight! ~Phil

The Top Ten New Years Resolutions For Humanity

Picture credit TimeOut.com/Miami

We’ve all heard the saying that “Life’s a b**ch and then you die,” right? I chose to use that phrase paired with that picture above because I’d like all of humanity to change the phrase  to “Life’s a beach and then you die.” 

Let’s face it, as a group, humans have royally fudged up the last few years. It didn’t used to be this hard. Regardless of which side of anything that you’re on, wouldn’t you like to go through 2022 without being angry about something every single effing day? Life should be a beach, right?

I’m pissed at all of humanity, myself included, and going forward I’d like us to follow these simple rules:

10. Less guns, more puns: That’s easy to remember, right? If you’re mad at someone, just make fun of the situation. Not your perceived enemy, but look for the humor in the situation. If you need an audience to laugh at your joke, tell your friends, and if you’re clever enough, people will support you.

9. Get out of your head and into theirs: Guess what Einstein, your perspective isn’t the only one. It’s also possible that it’s not the right one. I could be wrong about this and someone reading it thinks so. Guess what? It’s ok for there to be a different opinion than mine. The Amish haven’t worried about our opinion for centuries and they seem to be pretty damn peaceful. (Yes, that picture above is actual Amish at the beach in Sarasota, Florida.)

8. Embrace change: Just because something’s always been that way doesn’t mean it should always be that way. If that was the case, we’d still be dialing phones attached to the wall and rewinding our VHS tapes. Instead we’re watching Elon Musk, which sounds like the name of a French cologne, give people joyrides in outer space. Try to recognize when you’re holding onto old ideas or habits that no longer work.

7. Make different friends: Some day, maybe tomorrow or the day after, try to become friends with someone different than you. They could be a different nationality or color of skin. Maybe someone with more or less money than you. It could be the head of your company or the janitor. They could be someone with a physical disability or chronic illness. It could even be someone (gasp) loyal to another political party!

6. Think for yourself: Let’s face it, in every country in the world, the media is biased. Make up your own mind. Look for facts and follow them to a logical conclusion. We are all smart enough to sniff out b.s. when we hear it. Do it and don’t be a sheep.

5. Get the shots: This one is pretty easy. If you get Covid, then go home and get a loved one sick and they die, how will you feel? Caveat: If you have a legitimate religious or medical exemption that’s cool. If you don’t get the shot, wear a mask and wear it right. Your rights do not include the right to infect others with a deadly virus.

4. If you don’t trust your kid to drive your car alone, you shouldn’t trust them to use your guns alone.

3. Be kind to everyone. You never know when you might need their kindness. If you’re kind when you’re doing well, then people will be kind to you when you’re not.

2. Perspective is like a telescope. You only see what you focus on. Widen your perspective and don’t focus on just the bad stuff. For instance, yes Covid hasn’t been great, but most of us have learned to be comfortable getting things done with new technology. Or maybe we’re closer to our family because of the time spent together.

1. I’m leaving this one blank for you: In the comments, what is one thing that you’d like to see people do more or less of in 2022 so that life will be a beach.

Yes, I know it’s a bit arrogant to think that I might have enough wisdom to do a list like this. As I recall, someone a long time ago made up a top ten list for humanity. I can only hope that mine is a tiny fraction as popular as that one was. Happy New Year to everyone and a sincere thanks for reading The Phil Factor! ~Phil

Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Picture rights Marvel Studios

I’m going to preface my review by saying that I’m a Spider-Man truther. He’s always been my favorite Marvel character. When I was 12 years old I’d save my allowance money to buy the new Spider-Man comic book each month on the first day it was available. When I had a bad day, as bad as a kid can have, instead of drinking a glass of whiskey or wine, I got myself a bag of Doritos and a Spider-Man comic. Considering all that, I think you’ll find my review surprising.

I give the movie a 7 out of 10 rating. The internet has been crazy about this movie since it came out ten days ago. Despite that, I’m not going to give away any spoilers just in case you haven’t seen it.  For my money and my Marvel fandom, this movie didn’t justify the hype.

Picture rights Marvel Studios

Yes, Peter’s friends MJ and Ned are back and provide some great comedic relief.  Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Dr. Strange and as always, plays the role impeccably. Later in the movie a few special guests arrive to provide some more heart and comedy. I didn’t know about the special guests and was pleasantly surprised by their addition to the plot.

What was done well was Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In my opinion, he’s been the best choice of the three actors who have played Peter Parker. (Just for fun, I’ll rank them: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire. Let me know in the comments if you disagree) In fact, I think that in this movie every actor and actress played their role perfectly. It was the plot that I was disappointed in, and that surprised me.

Picture rights Marvel Studios

To me, the plot seemed clumsily contrived. The throwback stuff was fun but seemed a little forced at times.

I’m a writer and I think about how I’d write a scene or part of the plot. I like subtlety. I like the surprises in a book or movie to sneak up and surprise me. I guess that when writing a screenplay, you have to take into consideration that a movie can’t be four hours long and they can’t put every detail or line in that they want. Also, if you’re a newbie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they call it, this is still a great movie to see, but you’ll be a bit lost if you haven’t watched several of the recent Marvel movies.

I don’t know if, as many have said, that I’d rank this as the best or even a top five Marvel movie, but it’s definitely top ten and was a fun watch that is a must-see on the big screen. If you’re a Marvel movie fan you have to see this movie if only to see the post credit scenes that give you clues to upcoming Marvel movies.

If you’ve seen it, what do you think compared to my thoughts here?

Have a great day! ~Phil

The Curse of Being a ‘Christmas Baby’

Yes, today is my birthday. My parents told me that I spent my first Christmas in the hospital and was brought home in a Christmas stocking on December 26th. They told my older brother that it wasn’t Christmas Day until the 26th. And he believed it! What a maroon! He was the dumbest 3 year old ever.

My first baby picture! (pic credit to https://www.artstation.com/yoneyu Go check out her stuff)

That’s what I looked like more or less.  I bet that all of you must know someone that was a Christmas baby. And I would bet that you all said the same exact annoying thing when you found out that someone was born close to or on Christmas.

My parents took that picture of me with the Santa hat on my butt every year until I was 14. It got kinda awkward after age 10. As I was saying, there’s something that every person in the world says as soon as they find out that you’re a “Christmas baby.” I’m at the point where I’m sure they notice me visibly clenching my fists and rolling my eyes.

This is actually a current picture of me. My goatee is starting to look just like that. Ugh.

Ok, ok, I know that you’re saying, “C’mon Phil, stop dragging it out. What’s that super annoying phrase that you assume is a curse for all the Christmas babies?” This is a blog post that could’ve been a tweet, huh? Well, it’s my fecking birthday and I’ll write anything I want! Ok, here it is:

“Oh, you’re a Christmas baby! Do you lose out on gifts because your birthday is so close to Christmas? You probably get a lot of Birthday/Christmas combo presents, right?” 

I believe that I have heard some version of that question over 4000 times in my life.

Best version of A Christmas Carol EVER!

I have two weird little quirks that my parents saddled me with; one is them having had sex nine months before Christmas, which condemned me to a lifetime of hearing that stupid question. For the sake of Christmas babies everywhere, I’m going to quote Bill Murray as Frank Cross in Scrooged, “Would you please, for the love of god, and your own body!, stop the damn…” questions about our fecking birthday presents !!! 

That is all. I hope you all enjoy my birthday today!


My Christmas Form Letter To Everyone

It’s that time of year again! The time for the year in review Christmas form letter. It’s always touching when our relatives treat us like customers. Typically these form letters take one of two directions. The first and most typical is the “What a wonderful year we had!”

“Dear Relative/friend, 2021 was a wonderful year for my family. I started a new job six figure job, and my wife did the research that resulted in the Covid vaccine. The kids are doing well. Johnny aced the S.A.T., didn’t miss a question! He’s now been accepted into a Ph.D program at Harvard even though he’s only 14. Susie was named Miss Junior America and will be touring the country speaking out against make-up companies testing lip gloss on kittens. The picture on the front of the card is the new Bentley we got after winning the lottery.

The best course of action the next time you see these relatives is a swift, stunning punch to the forehead that will cause them to spill nog all over their tacky sweaters. They deserve this because they are lying about how fantastic their life is, or if their life is really that great then the bruise on their forehead will remind them that life is tough and they shouldn’t get too cocky.


The second kind of Christmas letter is my favorite. It’s the disaster letter. These are the people who make you feel so much better about yourself and your life.

“Hello everyone, it is with a heavy heart that we wish you Season’s Greetings. Sadly our twenty-seven year old cocker spaniel passed away from canine Covid last week. He was delicious.  In more upbeat news from our family it has been a year of triumphs! We’ve all had Covid twice and survived. In fact, scientists from the university are pretty sure that the Omicron variant began in our very own house! Can you believe it? And now it’s famous!

Also, little Johnny learned to poop indoors and that rash on Susie’s face cleared up. As soon as we get insurance we’ll get her lazy eye looked at. Home schooling is going well and they are both on track to graduate by the time they’re 21. We’re so proud! Once Trevor finds a job we’ll buy some train tickets and come visit!

The best course of action with these relatives is to tell them you’re moving and you’ll forward them the address as soon as you get settled.


I would just like to note that none of the pictures in this post are from my family. If I were to write a Christmas form letter to anyone reading this it might read:

Thank you to anyone who has read The Phil Factor even once. It’s been a wonderful year thanks to all of you. Thank you to those who have read one of my books and those who clicked Like or shared my weekly Phil Factor as well as those that have shared their thoughts in my comments section. Regardless of what religion or holiday you may or may not be celebrating this season, thank you for every little click you’ve directed at me in some way. In the comments below, which Awkward Family Christmas photo makes you cringe the most?


As always, Happy Wednesday, and if you enjoy #ThePhilFactor please feel free to share by hitting the Facebook or Twitter share buttons below.

You Are Someone’s Secret Weirdo

You are a weirdo. Don’t worry though, so am I. Yesterday it occurred to me that we are all secret weirdos. I came upon this notion when I was doing one of my weirdo things yesterday morning. Now you’re intrigued aren’t you? You want to know what my weirdo thing is. Ok, I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours in the comments section below.

A habit I’ve picked up is walking. Not just walking like normal walking. I walk for exercise. Yes, I know a lot of people do that. My weirdo thing is that every Sunday morning at 6:15 a.m. I walk a mile and a half to my nearest supermarket to get a fresh baked peanut doughnut and a cup of coffee. I walk 25 minutes to get there, then I spend about 5 minutes in the store getting my doughnut and coffee, and then I walk 25 minutes home. Yesterday it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit outside and the sidewalks were icy. Didn’t matter. I still did my “doughnut walk.”

It hadn’t occurred to me until yesterday that my waking up before the sun and walking for a doughnut and cup of coffee regardless of conditions might appear weird to some people. You know what made me realize that my behavior might seem weird? I noticed someone else’s weirdo behavior.

Over the past nine months when I’ve done my Sunday doughnut walk, I’ve noticed someone else doing something weird. On my way to the supermarket, I pass a gym that doesn’t open until 7:00 a.m. and yet every Sunday morning when I pass the gym at about 6:30, there’s a woman parked in her car in front of the gym. It’s looks like she’s reading and listening to the radio. Every week for nine months I’ve thought to myself, “What a weirdo! Why does she sit outside waiting for the gym to open? Why doesn’t she just sit at home and leave later?”

Then just yesterday, it occurred to me that I’m her Sunday morning weirdo. She sits in her car waiting for the gym to open and sees me walk by, and then about ten minutes later she sees me walk by in the other direction with a doughnut and coffee. She’s got to be thinking, ‘What a fecking weirdo! Why does he walk to get a doughnut and then just walk home. Why doesn’t he just drive? If he’s trying to exercise, doesn’t he realize that the doughnut calories completely cancel out the walking?”

What’s my point? My point is that we are all secret weirdos. We all have some quirky behavior that works for us but makes no sense to anyone else. We are all the same. None of us are any less or more weird than anyone else. It’s the holiday season and we are all different. Try being kind to everyone because to someone else you’re the weirdo. Now, in the comments, what is your weirdness?

Have a great Monday! ~Phil